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palette no70

Marriage in shades of papaya!





Good evening and Happy Birthday for yesterday to all and especially wishes to all the Marys, Panagiotis and course Panagiotis Takis and! For today, even slightly outside of the established our time we have prepared a summer palette in shades Papaya. Papaya (papaya), of the lanlike Carib Yieldh Spanish, is the fruit of the plant Charge papaya. The color of this exotic fruit is orange to ocher and depending of the form (dried or fresh) has shades of peach, yellow and orange to red. We applied the nuances of fruit in our current wedding palette to highlight a beautiful, cool summer or spring palette.

Cheerful colors. You can use them to decorate all areas of a marriage. Since there is a wide variety of flowers to choose such, the buttercup, hydrangeas, roses, ping-pong chrysanthemum, gerberas and much more. Decorate cakes, or even select dishes or cocktails in these shades for greater uniformity. The colors indicated for romance, for one cool picture stylistically flawless full of positive energy!

Good evening to all!!!


Photo Credits:
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