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palette no71

Marriage on naval lines!





Have a nice day! Our current palette belongs typically, in tribute last week during summer holidays! And what else could have been from a palette of highly naval! Not just chose the anchor or starfish matter but the naval, classic white and dark blue lines. A common pattern in those who love floral and not only, patterns. The blue color has a specific dark, the so navy blue and the combination of the white is a striking contrast. You can find a pattern ribbon, fabric, clothing and accessories. For your decor create imaginative images with impressive combination of white or green, table decorations, Invitations, souvenirs, numbering your tables and favors can be combined very nicely and give a single issue. For flower decoration you simply select, white flowers and add only if you wish distinctive blue accents smaller flowers.

Give your wedding style, style and décor that you love and want to create! Get away from the mainstream and prototypiste inspired summer and the sea!!!

Na you have a beautiful day, and a cool week!!!


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