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palette no72

Aesthetic perfection the ultimate combination, gold and white! !



“Aesthetics Perfection” selected and characterized the title of today's palette. The reason we think it is clear. Gold and white! Brides often start from this combination met'epeita add some color or replace the gold. Few couples maintain complete combined with white gold. It is difficult and we know it…would characterize a big challenge!!! But worth it! You need great consistency, control and you are strict, but when it's your wedding day, we guarantee that you will be rewarded in the fullest!!! The palette can be used for winter and summer, not for intermediate times. Fits most in absolute cold or boiling!

Select items gold in all but the flowers. And everywhere in moderation, need no exaggeration! Some accessories onto the Bride, a belt or your shoes or your dress a detail in golden tones. For the groom, gold cufflinks and a simple wipe or soft hue to tie, in a shade of gold. In the Church, gold fabric on candles and all white flowers on a white candle. In reception, touches on the tables or decorative elements, such as lanterns and jars! They do not need a lot but needs consistency and the result will pleasantly surprise you and all your guests!


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