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palette no75

Autumnal palette colors according to season!


3 September today and we have already entered the autumn season! It's time to not be big changes but little change mood because all the kids go back to school, briefly return to their jobs long after the summer holidays…surely our psychology changes. And we may want to keep it elevated summer-autumn mood but sometime even the weather will begin to move us to another time and to change to cooler!


So our current palette, warm autumn colors. Dominant orange, a hot color, sweet hopes and enthusiasm. In combination with the yellow, almost ivory tint and yellow light. A combination in perfect balance with the colors in harmony with each other. Adding white flowers or white fabrics and ribbons palette becomes brighter while you add green or dark green of the forest will darken and will yield a heavier effect. Choose fabrics in pale shade of yellow flowers and decorate the top and frills for a more sophisticated result. Favors and invitations have multiple applications with specific colors. You can choose to pattern the autumn leaf or another favorite item!


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