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Autumn wedding mood, starring the orange!



Morning! Today we have made a pallet with the protagonist of autumn. Orange! The orange which is derived from the admixture of yellow to red can have countless shades. Deep and intense or faint, dull depending on the impurity. But for us, autumnal color means warm and intense hue is orange. This shade is the fallen autumn leaves, or pomegranates in the trees around us. It marks the beginning of winter in a way so warm and intimate where our thanks and our yearning for a bit…!

For your wedding, if you like these shades, you can easily decorate, be decorated with flowers and create the atmosphere you want. Fabrics, ribbons, printing, even flowers present in a wide variety of shades of orange. Ideally you can combine it with very pale yellow-beige shade of mocha. The 3 These colors will give you a sweet and intimate atmosphere for your wedding reception. The orange symbolizes the desire and enthusiasm, So the show by adding this color to the most beautiful day of your life!


Photo Credits:

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