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palette no81Sweet shades, all color wedding in October!




October of O is just around the corner and all marriages taking place now have the opportunity to use many original shades, non-conventional. And you ask…”What are the usual shades, to be non-conventional?” And you are right…No common with the concept of what and what not, what is customary. There's just personal taste and what you want every Bride, each pair, create for marriage. The difference is that there are some color palettes which are more common, often see them used in a wedding. Example, white with green, or pale pink sugarplum with white combinations are often chosen by couples for several years.

But for a couple who wants to diversify, who wants to innovate and dare something new, we show you how many options there are. Add color to your wedding day and combine it with the month of getting married, with time, the location or anything that represents you and love you.

Orange, burgundy tint of orange brick and intense, live green. Add gold to the base of decorative material you are either, vase – box – jar – disc, either ribbons and fabrics and you will see how fitting and sophisticated effect you. Create a separate palette for the most beautiful day of your life!


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