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palette no83Style wedding color aubergine / purple shades!






Good morning!
For our current palette purple.. aubergine and white color, gray. For a wedding around style and elegance. Combine a bold color with gray and bright green and create a palette of high aesthetic. The contrast of light and dark colors will make the most skeptical guests for their excellent aesthetics. Select several white flowers and add touches of aubergine only will earn the looks at first glance. Do not fear the eggplant we have already said in previous palettes marriages…when you combine properly with bright colors like light gray or white and sweet green, the combination is festive and sophisticated. Get away from the older beliefs on dark purple and THURSDAY…! The rules in decorating, and the aesthetic world changed .. transformed depending on the season and become more balanced! Bring to your colors you love, away from the mainstream and create your own perfect day for your wedding, as you want ..!


Photo Credits:

Βridal Bouquet – http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
Centerpiece – http://ubettsrentaldesign.blogspot.gr
Wedding Signs – http://www.jessicasmithphotography.com
Groom Detail – http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/

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