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palette no84Marriage in shades of raspberry!






Good morning!
Blackberries .. tiny little small and so sweet! Dark fruit with sweet scent and sweet taste.
Purple, aubergine, peach and pale pink. Colors sweets, bright with multiple combinations for wedding color palettes. Because the color is dark blueberry and has 2-3 shades, you can select the tone you want to assign to remove and a similar effect. Do not exaggerate much by the use of color, because the colors are characterized heavy. See how is the wedding cake or centerpiece .. have enough white and less purple-aubergine-burgundy. Select a pure white wedding dress and add to your hair or purple flowers, or an official ribbon loose on your waist (velvet for this period!), or even a corsage for your hand with ribbons and flowers in your colors and you will instantly steal the show!

For flowers, will find enough flowers in these shades to choose whichever you prefer (eg. buttercup, hydrangeas, roses, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, peonies, etc). For decorative tables, Use white or silver vases candlesticks / discs. Would fit very nicely and wooden objects, such as a crate or a wooden oval tray. Brighten up with pale pink, white and peach as you need to create your ideal palette!


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