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Good morning and good week! We could be in October and not having a wedding present Rustic! Abroad is considered the king of marriages fall several times and winter. It all starts from the mood that we have the stylistic our terms. We must of course be noted that we in Greece, we have dexiakous similar places (farm, barn, etc). But what we can very easily do in any area where there is a couple is to adjust the appropriate style's wedding. There are some areas such as Crete, or in Northern Greece where traditional farms and ecotourism accommodation or even traditional shelters, that can be configured according to the concept of decoration you want to give.

What is Rustic free translation? A decorating trend where everything wants to be more natural, using purely natural elements and is available country! Dominant colors in this style are the brown shades, orange, yellow and green. Materials protagonist.. wood, ear, wheels and wooden crates, jars of jams (jar), candles and various kinds of string-ribbons. For the flower decorations prefer flowers simply, with many green elements (branches-leaf-succulents-etc) Choose one that suits your character and your tastes and come together to create the perfect wedding for you!


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