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palette no88Tasty wedding… with chocolate flavor!






Good morning and good week!

Most marriages are contrasting colors like black and green complementary color or as a third color white. But we want to showcase something different.. wedding brown, chocolate tones! In combination with the pink and as third color beige, mocha. Tint winter with an emphasis on color of love and sweet! The pink you can make darker or intense as you want, because anyway all fit. The café not darken much because in the end it will look like black…Keep a massive brown shade.

The flowers you choose a beautiful pink flowers that kind you want and match them with dark dahlias, lilies or just choose a dark background (runner or tablecloth). You can even opt for a pot or tray item is iron so it brings out the brown shade that want even more. For invitations, little gifts, your accessories, decorative details and the food stuff is much more easily. You can easily find where shades suit all applications that may have decorative pieces of a wedding. If you are thinking of getting married in the winter months…consider the current palette for the different result for the sweetness of!


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