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palette no89Shabby Chic Wedding style! Unique aesthetics! Excellent style!





Shabby Chic Wedding! Style, finesse, elegance! Τι είναι το shabby chic style? Something old, something that is gaining ground appearance and duration of time. Many times new wooden objects, the transform and change to fit the shabby chic style. Lately gaining more and more ground this trend in many areas. In interior design, in the furniture industry and clearly not because the decor and style of weddings!

The colors are usually not clean and not uniformly. What we mean? Remind all, an old unchanged object. It has the characteristic lines or cracks that make an old object, some “pretty” wear and more often has many hands from paint, when it appears in the object, the pitting of color at different levels. Colours pink, peach, mint, brown-beige open, gold obsolete even used white to show off this beautiful and unique style.

If you want to create your wedding this beautiful and unique style, you have to look good on old items you have and how you will configure. Choosing a single, feature object you can build an entire wedding theme around it. Prefer wooden objects that exude the old style. Because this decoration, is very special, is one of the few times I'll point out that it would be good to consult a decorator / organizer or florists to assist you in proper selection and in the right setting! Live just like you dreamed of your wedding, through impeccable décor and the perfect backdrop!


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