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palette no93

Palette in festive colors, passionate!





22 November now and Christmas are a breath…!

Many weddings this year with dominant atmosphere festivals! Christmas has 3 basic colors…fire red and plush, classy gold and the deep green of the fir classical! For today we show you the most classic and beautiful combination of red with contrast white.

Simplicity is often the secret. We've said it before on our pallets. Red, the color of passion, the fire of love and absolute love. And white, the color of purity and cleanliness. Combine in accessories of Bride and Groom, in Flowers, where there are so beautiful, separately especially red flowers in burgundy or deep red shades, invitations to your, the adornment and decoration. However small or large and if the touch of red will always turn heads, You always watch all. Red is a color intensity and vitality can not decorate anything and go unnoticed. Add notes on festive wedding with small gifts or details of fir. Watch this Thanksgiving, click the little bouquet and garnish with a small ball of red or make small garland for souvenirs for your guests!

Decorate with Christmas mood…! Happy Friday!


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