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palette no95Winter Wedding starring the Baby's Breath!





Winter Wedding in White! Crisp white and beautiful baby's breath are protagonists of your wedding! A flower as versatile as anything else…garnish, garnish, Build as megalepoprepis or very simple, simple decorations you want. Configure your wedding favor, wreath, bridal bouquet, centerpiece, candles, decorate your wedding cake, or decorate your hair and the lapel of groom's boutonniere. Combine it with stylish silver color ribbons, or inox items and you get a special adornment! Put the antique jars for a more vintage effect immediately and will have a wedding storyline fairytales. If you want to stand out in your bridal bouquet, you can choose something like our photography, where called Astible (Astilvi). A particularly sturdy flower with a long stem that reaches T0 1.5m., very fluffy with lofioeidi shape, usually we see in nature near waters and lakes. The particularity is that it looks visually very close to the babies breath but not the same! You can easily differentiate your bouquet or embellish something you want to vary! Good morning!


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