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Christmas Wedding starring the glamorous red!




Two days before the beautiful and festive December and the current palette and 2 Next is specifically dedicated to weddings made in December!!! A special time for many couples decide to hold their wedding at Christmas. These marriages, first and foremost reason is favored era. All are trimmed, everywhere there is a festive mood and all are relatively more cheery and happy than other seasons. So a marriage that will be in any domain.. multiplex.. room or hotel, anyway the surrounding area, entry even outside the buildings are lit romantic and beautifully decorated.

This season offered for different color combinations, such as gold, silver, red or pure white! Singles fire red for bold color and about his relationship with Christmas balls up from Father Christmas. A warm color, intense, impressive winning everything looks. Has the same glamor and shiny gold where it shines, and adds elegance whatever surface decoration or if adorns! At the same time there are different materials available for this season, like velvet, snow, the glitter or glitter (in various shades), pine, crystals, the Christmas balls and fir has the honor of, as beautiful mistletoe with red berries of separate. Because most of these do not exist or are not used in other seasons, will advise, include them in your decoration to make it more special!

We chose 2 data… elegant fir and pine nuts! The fir can decorate by floral arrangements for table centerpiece, until details of towels, the Thanksgiving, small festive garland as gifts for guests, the decoration of the wedding cake, hanging in space with lanterns, decoration around candles and so many other ideas ... The pine is also a separate component that could very well be from stand For if keeping the numbers of tables, To complete the decoration of the table or be tied (small cones) over in your wedding favor. Use beautiful candles, bright colors of green and red and decorate separately this beautiful day of your life!!


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