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palette no98

Glam γάμος! Add glitter to your palette!




A wedding sprinkled with glitter! Sovereign gold and the result, Total GLAM wedding!!! One of the most glamorous weddings that you could create for the festive period!

A special color, difficult is characterized by a large section of people and why, that may be difficult to find items and use them for your wedding. There is a matte shade but based on the use of reflection and shine that send the metal color, so can yield an excessive effect can easily be described as excessive abundance of wealth, if not used properly. Its use in many cases characterized.. extravagance. There must be absolute balance and color management… that – as long as! Do not strain, not adorn everything, be the shade of where it should. You will decide where and at what rate will decorate the most beautiful day of your life.

Select lacing for towels, Put up your distinctive yet elegant jewelry golden hue, write their names in gold in your invitations, hang on a gold ornament favors or fasten with golden ribbon, candles on your tie gold fabrics in white flowers, select jars for tea lights or the bottom of the centerpiece are gold, pour glitter around the top in your linens, or select runner in golden hue, hang golden balls or some element “dipped in gold color”. Do all of the above. The gold has a very strong personality, can illuminate and bring a playful effect and a dazzling atmosphere!


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