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no99 pallet

Blue intense, deep and blue ice! An exclusive wedding winter!



We are approaching the end of December, just before the 100 Our palette, We present a pallet with different monochrome blue. A bright color, difficult to use in marriage, but very impressive, original and townhouse!

The blue in color theory considered calm, peaceful, color harmony, chastity but is entwined with the coldness. Corresponds to the water element and the female element. Correlates with the blue and all the shades of the sea and the sky. In summer if someone combine blue and bright, pure yellow gets results in the ultimate summer color…winter but intense shade of blue in monochrome represents the cold, winter and ice. It is worthwhile to mention that the deep dark blue color in the Medieval period was predominantly the color that represented strong emblems and honors for the Kings.

In today, Choosing a wedding with blue as a monochrome palette could only enchant guests! Can the process by finding the uniform blue coloration prove a little difficult, but it will be worth it! Blue fabrics, keenly, beautiful and separate accessories for the Bride and Groom, as striking earrings or shoes for the Bride, tie, bow tie and boutonniere for the groom. Invitations, Wedding Favors, wedding cake decoration and is easiest areas! For select flowers white flowers with touches of blue hydrangea, hibiscus, anemones, delfinioum or agapanthi. Add beautiful foliage with gray shades for a combination that will certainly win!

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