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Can title, to remind the billboards on the streets…but is miles! Billboards marriage is another peculiarity of marriages that comes from abroad. A very elegant and distinct idea. They serve the purpose of welcome, of Appreciation, suggestion of direction or even incitement for guests to take a sweet from the Candy Bar or collect the keepsake gift when leaving the reception.


Common hardware, is wood in various shapes and designs. The wood is very fitting in a Rustic themed wedding. Other materials are the blackboard for a modern wedding with chalk writing, the mirror for a wedding with Shabby Chic concept and writing printed onto glass or even for a wedding that wants to declare his individuality. You are the signs to decorate with flowers around, with ribbons, fabrics or make them part of the decoration to its component objects, features the theme of your wedding. Their size varies. It may be a rectangular plank of wood up there and be written the phrase you want or be a vertical array with several lines of what you want to say. If you want to give a more personal touch, Write your own letters onto the phrase you want and not the classical, standardized printing trade. Even such a small detail many times in the eyes of the guests makes the difference!


Think about what you want to do and what is the need to add a sign on your wedding. We do not add something just to be there .. to serve a purpose to become utilitarian object and also win points in decorating. We're here to suggest innovative ideas and elegant solutions that will impress your guests…but will please them!


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