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It's time to send wedding invitations to your loved ones in the most beautiful moment of your life; You must remember that wedding invitations is the official call for relatives and friends, your welcome for your wedding day. In this style will capture, style, colors, maybe your mood, you want to characterize your wedding. But who is the right way to make the wedding invitations; When to send invitations and which style suits you; Classic or original;

When I send wedding invitations

The key step in wedding invitations is to calculate your times carefully. It has been established, the official call of a marriage, sent invitations 6 with 8 weeks before the wedding. Always at this time included the wedding location, eg if. marriage is an island, It would send even earlier, so your guests can make the necessary reservations in flights and hotels. Calculate also that finding addresses not so much of your relatives, but much more of your colleagues or some "obligations" of your parents would be time consuming, so calculate and what about 10-12 days to make file correctly and be complete. Add in your time, that the printer, the host or store that you have ordered will want some 20 until 35 days to make, depending on the complexity of the design or printing needs to deliver your. Do correctly adding the times you, so there is a proper flow years.

How many wedding invitations should fix;

The next issue that must be seized before buying invitations, is the amount. Before the selection must have very carefully calculate how many pieces you need. Make a list of guests and see how many members have any family or friends if you are alone or pair. You will see that the pieces are very less compared to people who have guests. This is the common mistake that happens with the proportion of people - quantity, because most calculate the total number of guests, so it is advised to be as proactive you. To order some folders above, kath'oti is very easy to make a spelling mistake in the official file, the names of the guests. Additional, figure out if you need a larger envelope to send the wedding invitation in this, and buy them or order them from the printer. If the wedding invitations have the outside or some decorative ribbons should necessarily be put in another envelope to be mailed, as well should a sample of invitations to be weighed at the post office, so you get for each file the correct postage. Do not leave it for last time, you go to the post office because the process is so time consuming that you can prepare in advance.

The organizing wedding suggests

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