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“Choose invitations & wedding favors depending on the theme of your wedding”
Invitations, wedding favors and even the decoration of your wedding are little pieces that compose a complete picture, which practically shows your guest your style, but also your “weaknesses”! The wedding planner designs real, tasteful plans for you, which meet your expectations and your requirements. Complete decoration solutions with a single theme!

Choosing invitations & wedding favors

You need to remember that wedding invitations are the official call to your wedding for relatives and friends! It is your welcoming for your wedding day. You will imprint on them the style, colors, maybe even your mood, which you wish to characterize your wedding. Wedding favors are the only thing your guests will take with them; it is a souvenir from your wedding, so you should pay the corresponding attention and care while choosing them. You must choose the ideal wedding favor among hundreds of other wedding favors out there, so that you will combine it with your wedding decoration. So, deciding on the decoration of your wedding should precede choosing invitations & wedding favors, so that you will be able to give your big night a uniform atmosphere or a homogeneous picture, which will be properly structured and combined with them. When you decide on your wedding decoration, you should take into account the month during which the ceremony will be held, the style you love and the colours of your choice. There are countless ideas on the decoration and the stylistic point of view you can choose; so, the best idea is to “create” a specific theme, which will dominate in your whole wedding.

The value of the wedding planner

The wedding planner puts you in a particular order, and she practically helps you, step by step, to find what suits your taste. Starting from your own personality, we design the invitation, the wedding favor and the decoration, if you wish so, according to your taste, with some elegant touches of our own. is among the, through its experience in wedding planning, has a large range of wedding decoration choices to suggest to you, from very extraordinary and innovative solutions to elegant traditional choices. Our personal development is continuous and directly synonymous to the trends of the time, since our collection is enriched every six months with new ideas by the best professionals in the field, such as Martha Stewart and David Tutera. We never stop anywhere, and we do not suggest anything, unless we are sure about the absolute success and elegance of each detail. Our suggestions are always within the economic limits that you set for us, without adding iniquitous charges which encumber you for no reason.

Choosing invitaions & wedding favors in 3 steps
What you should know in advance:

  • The date of your wedding ceremony
  • Your Budget for the wedding planning
  • The style and the theme of the wedding
  • The colors of your choice

In our meeting:

  • We present samples of the invitations & wedding favors
  • We present our portfolio with venue decorations
  • We suggest different wedding themes
The Wedding planner will show you:

  • Samples with the invitations and the favors that you have chosen
  • The samples that you have chosen in different colors, papers, fabrics and decorations
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