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To Write the text of your wedding invitations need to know what the 10 things that will certainly written on your card, independent project.


Write anyway, clearly, the names of the bride and groom, while the names of the best man and your parents is your discretion whether to write or not.

Time - Day - Location.

We need to give clear information on time, the day and place to place during the Sacrament, with their full names and not abbreviations of words. Whichever way you choose for the kind of writing, ie or more serious and traditional way, the text per se without much more information or a cute pun or ditty, should not be lost in the writing of the above information.


Think of how far your guests come, in what direction and how remote or not is the location of the church and reception area and predict if you need a guide map. If necessary, print on the same paper with the invitation, a shorter length card to enter the same, file together or rice paper. Also should the instructions not only sketch or line drawing, but easy for your guests and give directions in writing with a small side keimenaki (search in internet or by Dexiako space for such information). You can carefully and you trail at least once before the print, to make sure that the instructions are accurate.


Decide in advance, if your invitees will be all or not, guests at reception. If, you can print subtly and beautifully over your card in the reception area. Normally, we print the bottom usually, the call. If they are all invited, should predict extra tag to call those who want individual folders. (be very careful when you are setting up folders to not get surprises!)

The wedding list.

Along with the text on your card will be printed, if you choose, and a phrase, insignia, to your gift list. Be careful not to burn it to another tag, either the map, either the reception, because it is not sure that everyone will see. (The usual choices are either stores – stores, or electronics store or, Most entrant habit, bank accounts, this option to be extra careful because many families still have not fully familiar!)

Delimit style, if necessary.

If you have made up its mind that will give a particular style to your wedding reception, as formal dress or reception to be on the beach, should discreetly inform your guests about it.


It is very important to set a deadline answers. We and you yourself know until when will reply to the reception area for the number of guests you will have. Do not forget to set a schedule with enough free time for you so that you can gather all the necessary answers. (it would have already produced a list of names where, when expired date answers, get you or someone that you put responsible, to learn who and how many will come from each family.)


To include children on your guest list is a very personal matter for each couple. There are some who prefer to keep their wedding reception to be a very formal event, without the presence of small children. If you want a highlight that the invitation addressed only to parents (eg The kinder way is to omit the word Family Papadopoulou, and write pair Mr.. and Mrs.)

Final Draft.

Definitely see a sample before printing! Never trust any third party, as a small spelling mistake can be fatal and may need adjustments after and reprints.

Create a single issue in your marriage.

You can create a single concept which starts at the invitational with a characteristic pattern or skitsaki and build applications for many other things. Choose and apply to your invitations the color palette you have chosen for your wedding. Typical examples are thank-, coasters or placemats for your drinks or decorating your tables, binder for the towel, printed towel with your initials, labels for wine or water, program or printed menu to get onto the plate of each of your guests even placecards, if you want to have specific locations for each of your guests, but many, many other ideas.

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