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“For all those who live abroad and want to get married in Greece but do not know who to ask and what to do…”

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The beautiful Greece our

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! It is a top tourist destination worldwide. It ranks among the Top 10 tourism destinations ( for 2010 according to the Lonely Planet and also ranks second according to the Telegraph Travel Awards 2008 England in the category of Best European Country. ) Pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, rich, landscape, rich history, living traditions, and our famous hospitality, are the elements that attract visitors from around the world. At the same time our Mediterranean climate is ideal for tourism throughout the year, unrestricted. These are the main reasons which Athens and the Greek islands are among the most sought after destinations for wedding planning. It would therefore not be possible to Athens and the islands of the most sought after destinations for weddings!

Wedding in Athens

It is a fact that in recent years the number of Greeks abroad who organize their wedding in Athens, is growing. Their choice for the start of their common life, is where are the roots, where the heart beats! The reason is simple. Nothing compares to a sophisticated wedding, outdoors, near the sea, flooded by the romantic lighting of the reflection of the water, overlooking the deep blue, with the heady scent of fresh blossoms and sea breeze, and the party and the party to hold until the early hours. Alongside all, framed and offered in an economical package of what it would cost abroad, a marriage behind closed doors in a Reception Hall.

Wedding planning

In SenSyle firmly believe, that / the organizer / wo is the most stable investment you will make in your marriage. Having the experience and knowledge of the market and the industry, know how to provide you the best value for your money. At the same time we guarantee to create a flawless wedding, exactly as you dreamed. The day of your wedding, is only once time, and errors therein do not fit.

In Marriage 4 Steps

The organization of the wedding, especially when the couple stays abroad, should start a year earlier to a minimum and can be organized in 4-5 months before the wedding date. Can the mind of intending to look very complex process and elusive, but in reality it is not.

Close an appointment with us by phone or skype to discuss the needs of your wedding. Since you need to be aware of the following issues: month and day, you are interested, the number of your guests from Greece and abroad, if you would like outer space or hotel for the reception. It is important to determine the limits of your Finance Budget, to move based on this. Parallel, will also send you a Form for the detailed Budget Breakdown.
We, a specific package you need according to your needs. This includes Alternative : -For Banquet Halls and Churches
Closing the wedding date, Church and reception, taken from us a comprehensive program – Schedule the steps you need to do based on the months that we have to organize your wedding.
From this step onwards, starts organizing and setting up your wedding, based on our unique methodology, your choices and schedule we have set. Eg. Decoration, Flowers & Decoration, Invitations, Favors, Favors κ.α.

The SenSyle For You

  • Organizes the right time to visit Athens
  • We propose solutions for the selection of the Church that the ceremony of your wedding
  • He closed appointments to visit, in the proposed areas of Reception
  • We offer tasting by Catering supplying the area you choose
  • We will discuss the options for the wedding cake and the design of
  • We will supply you with a detailed list of the cards you need for the Marriage License (either you are an American citizen, Greek or foreign)
  • It designed the way (the Director) conduct of the evening
  • We have a wide range of thematic choices and color schemes to choose what suits you
  • Show solutions in video or photos via email.
  • All our packages are Completely Custom, and our prices depend on the size, complexity, το Budget, and the number of guests

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