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If you think wreaths marriagemy, τις wedding candles jug and glass it means that it's time to involve your groomsmen. You run enough, you undertake and carry out several issues and procedural, on your wedding, and the time has come to find the details, which will decorate your wedding with the most honored traditions which are what have made the best men you. But you are taking part or not in the selection, and what to watch, so as to avoid misunderstandings;

The duties of best man

First you have to be considerate and know very well definitely your best man and must act considerately towards them. Do you know for sure, how flexible or not is, and usually know and their financial situation. Talk openly, if people do not misunderstand, on matters involving those in financial track, without the press, and remember that to be selected for the best man will surely love them too. The best men then, required to make the gift wedding crowns, the glass and the disk but the mystery and wedding candles, as well as paying the church for the wedding ceremony. This leads to the next topic, which is none other than whether the best men will bear the cost of adornment of wedding candles and decorations of the church or not. These issues will resolve between you and only if there than the good intention to pay. End, important are the best men to carry their wine Nama or Mavrodafni for wedding day, and some bonbons for the disc.

Choosing wedding crowns and wedding candles

Try the wedding crowns to combine it with something from your wedding dress or a color from the wedding decoration you as it is very nice to have a single aesthetic. Your choices are many, wedding crowns Silver or gold, with semiprecious stones, Pearls, decorative or silver swarovski, beads or even leather and classic designs. Stroll the shops or admire journals, to see about what you want before your final selection. The disc and the glass used to come set with wreaths, with the same decoration, or to simplify things. Lately, couples choose a simple silver, indelible disk, that are practical for everyday and not lock him in a showcase. The same applies to wedding candles, as preferred simple designs so there is a greater possibility decoration with flowers. If you prefer a more elaborate plan, do not hesitate to choose and let the florist to suggest solutions for the decoration. Usually the most correct move is to go with the best men for buying or research, even for wedding crowns, to have your own approval and will not be adventuring in their choice.

The organizing wedding suggests

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