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Fashion and trends abroad now, They come very quickly and in our country. Especially the industry of marriage has many influences from fashion and events of other countries and adopted quickly and Greek reality. So our present article was written imagining, of our year's Nyfoules increasingly looking for a beautiful floral wreath on their hair! With many large flowers or few and discreet, This relates to the preferences of each nyfoulas. The choices are endless…and they are never boring! All sorts of combinations can be made to emerge the most fitting result in picture every nyfoulas. Whatever you have, Stefanakis the hair have started and become…”must” weddings. And if you think that the Stefanakis just in case you do not wear veil…make a big mistake. Plus the combination of the two is possible and very stylish. Brides most graceful, most romantic and very impressive!

How to choose…? Of course simply, consider the style and the style of your wedding dress along to your wedding, and of course think of the time you get married. As is the case throughout the rest of the decoration, so in Stefanakis, plays a big role in what you can find the specific time at which getting married. Does it matter if the end of July and is very hot….or if the end of September and there is cooler weather.

Previously only the bridesmaids wore wreath in their hair and this most often with gypsofylla or baby roses, in white or pale pink. But now all the colors bright or pastel, and almost all kinds of flowers are creative small ornaments for nyfoules. Large or small flowers, wreaths whole or only part of the comb, are the most special appearances for Brides!!! Cool and fresh flowers or dried flowers like. lavender combined with a matching flower transformed into perfectly elegant…jewelry!!! Roses, peonies, Lisianthus, freesias, buttercup, Tulips, kalles, and additional fruits, like iperikoum white or red, pink pepper (strange as it sounds, it's beautiful!), berries, lavender and much more, all tie with beautiful green foliage separately or with some wooden base as a wreath to intertwine up.


We chose some of the most beautiful, colorful and elegant Stefanakis, from the internet for you ..!

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