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When you search for who will be the Wedding Decorations, you must be careful and decide well before you start your search for Wedding Favors and wedding invitations. By doing this you will be ready to give to your big night, a uniform atmosphere and a uniform picture will be structured correctly. Started but need to get some decisions, as if there will be a central theme which will govern all night the church and reception. If you create some contrast to emphasize a single item or would prefer to use just flowers, without much emphasis on decorative elements.

How you choose to decorate your wedding..

The Wedding Decorations influenced by 3 parameters:

  • In your budget.
  • The season and the month of the celebration of your wedding. You can use your favor all the different characteristics of each season, as example in summer ideal for receptions and atmosphere with candles and lanterns, by the sea.
  • The decorative elements. Decorative seafood, such as the starfish, the boats, shells and sand let your imagination as you create playful concept. All these are reflected in the combinations of colors and designs which blend in with the theme of your wedding. But there are differences in color choice when getting married in a different era;

The colors in the decoration of the wedding..

The different mood that characterizes every season is reflected in the choice of colors for wedding decorations, as switching to a different era because adornment can be initiated by colorful and striped fabrics and end up in mats and cloths. Details, we create color palettes for many color combinations to see different ideas: https://sensyle.com/category/%CF%80%CE%B1%CE%BB%CE%AD%CF%84%CE%B1-%CF%87%CF%81%CF%89%CE%BC%CE%AC%CF%84%CF%89%CE%BD/


  • Autumn has the grandeur of the land, as fruit, nuts and course materials can be an integral part of your decorating. Brown, beige and olive green are the sweetest colors for this season.
  • Winter with Christmas decorations on the tables, not only, wins imaginative decorations. Warm colors and heavy fabrics can easily be used. Ruling the glitter but as glitter you want. Gold and red mansion fire.
  • Spring because all nature is at its zenith with fragrant flowers blooming everywhere. The full range of pastel colors in full extension. Green, lilac and pale pink.
  • Summer. Play with color and light elements. Dominating the sea breeze at weddings this season. Blue, navy blue, white and fuchsia. Romantic candles and cool atmosphere.

The most important thing in the wedding decoration is that you can create, even with the help of special, organizers or anthodeton, a concept impressive and original.

The organizing wedding suggests

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