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SenSyle Wedding Cake may be the surprise of the evening, can be traditional and elegant or original and eccentric. You must deal with it just like with the menu for your guests. The wedding cake is governed by the same style and tone your entire wedding, so when the time comes the choice to keep in mind the colors and the overall concept of your wedding. Wedding cakes are the grand closing the menu for your wedding.

Choosing a Wedding Cake

The correct time frame to select the Wedding Cake and to order, especially if you do not provide the catering γάμου your, is approximately 3 with 4 months earlier. Do not leave it for last time, especially if you want to book a particular confectioner. Your selections are not limited to designs and colors of the cake but now have outgrown even its classical value. In other words, now not only need to see magazines to find beautiful and elegant designs, you can just let your imagination and create wedding cakes that are governed only by your own originality. Latest Fashion in weddings is to replace the classical Wedding Cakes with cupcakes, Disc 3 and 4 floors to resemble the classic Wedding Cake but not. Another solution is biscuits or cakes in the cake design wedding where they share the tables of the guests before their arrival or given in buffet with sweets after eating. If you want to save money you can choose a smaller simple wedding cake to cut, and take different kinds sweets trays or buffet to offer your guests and choose what you prefer. Plus has advanced both the complexity of the wedding cake pastry shops where there where only specialize in wedding cakes. In them you can find numerous solutions and ideas for your cake.

Tips for wedding cake

Even the presentation of the wedding cake has changed, as previously had for coating whipped cream and fresh fruit, and now you can choose between the Ganache, του Marzipan, του Royal-Icing or Sugarpaste. These are all options that make more complex and the beautiful Wedding Cake while you may be made of flowers, leaves, starfish, hearts and decorations generally any plan you choose. Do not forget that one little secret that many people do not know is that the cake display, ie one that is cut in the presence of guests, is only the upstairs true, while creating less of Styrofoam, form a foam that is made in the plan of your cake and covered with icing.

The organizing wedding suggests

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