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SenSyle wedding photography is the best memory of the beautiful moment in your life. Condition is provided by someone who respects and understands those special moments, and treated accordingly. All preparations for the wedding can be tedious and time consuming but when it's your wedding day, owe it to yourself to experience and enjoy. The Playground, emotion, all feelings of happiness will overwhelm all day but unfortunately these 6-7 hours of your wedding, will go as quick as you can not imagine, and all that is left to you to look again and again and to enjoy a life, will be photos and video of your wedding. What to watch therefore, before you make the decision on who will be your photographer;

How to choose a photographer for my wedding..

Firstly to choose who will take wedding photography and video wedding, you should do a search in magazines or even better on the internet to see the site with the works of photographers. Learn a few things about them, such as CV, usually they all have on their website or in any networking site like Facebook. Watch their style through the photographs that will surely have posted.

Let's see, little more carefully, what is should look for in a photographer:

  • Experience and studies. Look closely at the photos in the portfolio, and try to see if you like the style or not having. Remember that the site always put the best pictures of every professional, well so watch out if you like the style and tone of each before appointment.
  • Separate the 3 best you like to book an appointment with them. Important is that when you take first, say what date is your wedding so if the photographer is sealed to avoid hassle and waste time on dating or even worse not to "squeeze" your wedding including couples.
  • Do you know the topics you want to discuss, before going to the appointment.
  • Listen carefully and ask questions. Ask to see samples of their work from other weddings. Also if there is some specificity in your marriage as, if it is on an island or if you have a traditional bed earlier in the week, tell that to see if you could make a package - program around your needs.
  • Do you know how many people will come to the Church and how many at the reception. That, how many cameramen and photographers will cover the event.
  • Please be detailed in the schedule you want to follow.
  • Listen packages will not propose and decide at that moment. Better to take your time, to turn your home, well to consider what is most important and necessary to you, (more images, digital album or not, video, shooting the next day-on location, and many more) and once you have those you visited, you can decide with confidence.

H wedding photography with Sensyle..

Knowing all the essential parameters to choose the man who will pull Photo & video for your wedding, you are ready to find the ideal partner that will immortalize your most important moments. The SenSyle through 7 years of operation, having worked with a wide range of photographers, we stand and recommend specific people with experience and perspective in space. Each of them has its own perspective on the issue pose-scene photo-frames and.

The organizing wedding suggests

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