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In winter, generally, marriages fall…finding one year. Whether because of the peculiarity of our country and the hot weather, or why the very beautiful location and we have offered for weddings, statistics say 7 in 10 couples choose the summer and autumn to celebrate their wedding. This does not mean that there are no marriages during Christmas! If a couple has decided to marry and loves winter will choose to marry around Christmas and New Year because of the whole festive atmosphere. It's like having conspired the whole city in your favor…! Decked roads, lights everywhere, trees and garlands…The city wears a festive of!

The materials and colors are very specific and very favorites! Used only during this period of time and it would be “take advantage” and to embed the concept of your wedding, if you have not already done this topic. The colors have their honor is fire red, the burgundy velvet, the deep green, shiny gold and shiny silver. The materials you use are as follows: Christmas balls, textured fabrics are heavier and officially, like. Plush, artificial snow, the glitter and glitter available in different shades, classic and gorgeous fir, pine cones and sprigs of mistletoe cute with separate small balls of red. Try not to put a bit of everything but specific data to the extent that you want to decorate your wedding!

Do not forget that if you try to book a date close to the New Year, on the day or eve, should do well in advance, to find the available. Whichever couple wants festive wedding day usually choose this! Also very important is to specify what will be decorating the reception venue during the festive season. Why surely the place would have visited and would have closed or summer or autumn where they will not in anything resembling the festive period. Ask me detail for the interior space and the outside building! Make your choice and live a fairytale wedding at Christmas time!

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