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Nine distinct ideas:

1.Big Personalize Initials. Marquee or not..?

Iron and the like Illuminated; You want it filled with flowers; The want of wood and decorated, με glitter, with mousli..opos though it, They should be large and earn the site visitor!

2.Donut Wall / Donut Bars.

great fury, delicious flavors & colors, instead of the classic candy bar, Stand out in style!

3.Drip Layer Cake.

Choose a cake with the effect of dripping! White or gold, candy or chocolate, decorate with macaroons, fresh fruit or just with flowers and will certainly impress your guests!

4.Wedding Sings.

mirrors, wooden sign, plates, textile printing, material that you choose, write your message! Write on your own, something that makes you unique to welcome your guests! Give your mark!

5.Agate Slice Calligraphy.

Impress with a unique numbering tables or a unique seating chart will become a fast-seller gift after the wedding!

6.Acrylic invitations.

Wonderful papers and their choices… but imagine being given to your guests acrylic Invitational, transparent engraved! Just wonderful!

7.Marble cakes or Watercolor Cakes.

Cakes appearance like marble. In pastel colors with gold leaf or pink gold, tastes great! Or like a painting, a unique creation that is painted by hand, each cake is simply unique.

8.Greenery decoration.

Leaves, foliage everywhere! Eucalyptus, ferns, Succulents, aerofyta, tropical foliage, Ruska, monstera, ivy, myrtle, olive, or more simply.. thyme, rosemary, basil and mint, combinations earn the most demanding of space!

9.Wedding Arches.

wedding arches.. foliation whole, flowers hanging, highlight, decorating alone or fabrics, with hanging glass balls that hide inside romantic lighting. In which the composition or formation if you like, arches have become another 'must' marriages!

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