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Letters plate.. iron.. flowers or wood covered with moss!

A brand new trend that is gaining more and more ground at weddings. Based on the personification of the original couple… who steal the show with the welcome! Letters with the initials of the couple's names, various sizes. Very large in height adorned with lights or small to akoumpistoun on a table, highlight the ta..stoliste and decorate!!! Even if you do not want your initials, select a phrase…or a characteristic word, όπως Love -Candy Bar – Bar – Love is in the air – Just Married and decorate your wedding with this different idea to prototypiste!

The new trend is based on the construction of the initial letters with traditional lamps, familiar to us all, who placed at key points illuminate the night glow at the reception. The construction may be of iron, wood or even cardboard. And the letters may be blooming with flowers, gaps with lamps, or stuffed around with moss. Their applications and their practical: can be made guest book, be a partition or the imposing decoration behind your wedding table, may be the reason for the newly married photographed with them or your guests, can be illuminated during your first dance or with a little imagination, modified and win…the most demanding judges marriage!

Select the size you want, oversized, medium or even small resting on a table (wedding or candy bar). Choose the material that suits you, your marriage and your personalities, and “highlight” the most beautiful day of your life by adding this new lovely bright trend! The group you SenSyle wait to plan together separate ideas for your wedding. Come to discuss and we suggest that these letters can be made piece and your own story!!!


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