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The time has come to bachelor party, as indirectcontain a few days left before the wedding ceremony and want to celebrate these last moments of joy with their buddies or your collages. Want to organize an evening that will be unforgettable before starting your married life; All you dream, starting from the proper organization and good, original ideas.

How do I choose my bachelor

To select the bachelor party your, consider and discuss it earlier with your friends. First of all you must decide what you want by your side during these hours of fun and relaxation. It's true that when you gather many friends, may be difficult to satisfy all. Decide what you like to do more, ie if you want to relax or prefer a fun evening dancing and drinking. Bring this night to your because you're the only focus for this day.

Ιδέες για Bachelor party

The solutions for a bachelor party, outside the established bouzouki or a sophisticated restaurant with several cocktails.. may be many.

  • Ένα GetAwayWeekend. The rent just for you staff your boat with a captain and crew, and stops in the most beautiful waters, wherever and whenever, you want.
  • A relaxing weekend. At one luxury Resort for you and your girlfriends, program with the swimming pool and massage, spa and rest in all its glory.
  • Εxtreme sport days.
  • A separate nights within and outside city.We can personalize your evening with amazing gifts on friends' names or the date of bachelor party or even supply you with accessories for your party, with hats shirts with iron-on transfers, badges and cues.

Consult your special

Μαρίτα ΠούλουLearn how to organize your bachelor party your, our serviceWedding Planning“.

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