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Children, Colorful Candy Bar


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Colors, confectionery, cool juices and beautiful constructions! Children's Candy Bar, which erected or external to the Church, either at the entrance of the reception excite every mom, Dad, all children who are in baptisms, but guests! Treat your guests as the subject of your baptism with a themed table, based on your invitation or decoration you have chosen. All setup, sorts of sweets, colors, “tie up” the rest concept of baptism and impress small & great. Cool your friends with a cool lemonade or some other juice, tea and sweeten with various delicious delicacies!


Gazarte, Gazi


candy 1


Anavissos & Varkiza

candy 5


Gorgopotamos, Lamia


candy 6


Grove Haidari, The Celebration

candy 2


Varkiza, Its Yalo's's

candy 4


Holy Protection, Papagou

candy 3




candy 7

Βalux, Private


candy 8

The appearance of the Candy Bar

  • Each Candy Bar has its own theme and its own decoration, to fit the style of your own baptism.
  • Each Candy Bar individually designed in relation to the demands of parents. Apply the colors and decor of the rest of baptism (invitation card), onto it, in the most intuitive and elegant way!
  • Construction Rental, on the basis of the Candy Bar, tables plans depending decoration. (Counters, stairs, libraries, drawing boards, dray, crates on table plans, Bank comprises words)
  • Each Candy Bar has selected materials from a wide range to decorate, according to the image that we plan and we want to ascribe. Linen & cotton, colorful gauze, cheese cloth and burlap.. that fits your concept. Kafasakia, woodwork frachtakia, colorful tourtieres, jars, jars of various shapes, wooden platters.. constructions crowns designs, Mansions, towers, imaginative ideas to fit every unique christening!

The parallel SenSyle, you propose to embed in the most impressive manner the wish list of your candy bar.
Wooden first name | Telaromeno frame | Original puzzle | | Wooden cutting hanging in a project of similar invitations | Original greeting cards | Colorful root ball | Cardboard windmills… And many, many… original ideas!

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