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How To Organize Your Wedding In Greece

“For all those who live abroad and want to get married in Greece but do not know who to ask and what to do…”

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The beautiful Greece our

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! It is a top tourist destination worldwide. It ranks among the Top 10 tourism destinations ( for 2010 according to the Lonely Planet and also ranks second according to the Telegraph Travel Awards 2008 England in the category of Best European Country. ) Pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, rich, landscape, rich history, living traditions, and our famous hospitality, are the elements that attract visitors from around the world. At the same time our Mediterranean climate is ideal for tourism throughout the year, unrestricted. These are the main reasons which Athens and the Greek islands are among the most sought after destinations for wedding planning. It would therefore not be possible to Athens and the islands of the most sought after destinations for weddings!

Wedding in Athens

It is a fact that in recent years the number of Greeks abroad who organize their wedding in Athens, is growing. Their choice for the start of their common life, is where are the roots, where the heart beats! The reason is simple. Nothing compares to a sophisticated wedding, outdoors, near the sea, flooded by the romantic lighting of the reflection of the water, overlooking the deep blue, with the heady scent of fresh blossoms and sea breeze, and the party and the party to hold until the early hours. Alongside all, framed and offered in an economical package of what it would cost abroad, a marriage behind closed doors in a Reception Hall.

Wedding planning

In SenSyle firmly believe, that / the organizer / wo is the most stable investment you will make in your marriage. Having the experience and knowledge of the market and the industry, know how to provide you the best value for your money. At the same time we guarantee to create a flawless wedding, exactly as you dreamed. The day of your wedding, is only once time, and errors therein do not fit.

In Marriage 4 Steps

The organization of the wedding, especially when the couple stays abroad, should start a year earlier to a minimum and can be organized in 4-5 months before the wedding date. Can the mind of intending to look very complex process and elusive, but in reality it is not.

Close an appointment with us by phone or skype to discuss the needs of your wedding. Since you need to be aware of the following issues: month and day, you are interested, the number of your guests from Greece and abroad, if you would like outer space or hotel for the reception. It is important to determine the limits of your Finance Budget, to move based on this. Parallel, will also send you a Form for the detailed Budget Breakdown.
We, a specific package you need according to your needs. This includes Alternative : -For Banquet Halls and Churches
Closing the wedding date, Church and reception, taken from us a comprehensive program – Schedule the steps you need to do based on the months that we have to organize your wedding.
From this step onwards, starts organizing and setting up your wedding, based on our unique methodology, your choices and schedule we have set. Eg. Decoration, Flowers & Decoration, Invitations, Favors, Favors κ.α.

The SenSyle For You

  • Organizes the right time to visit Athens
  • We propose solutions for the selection of the Church that the ceremony of your wedding
  • He closed appointments to visit, in the proposed areas of Reception
  • We offer tasting by Catering supplying the area you choose
  • We will discuss the options for the wedding cake and the design of
  • We will supply you with a detailed list of the cards you need for the Marriage License (either you are an American citizen, Greek or foreign)
  • It designed the way (the Director) conduct of the evening
  • We have a wide range of thematic choices and color schemes to choose what suits you
  • Show solutions in video or photos via email.
  • All our packages are Completely Custom, and our prices depend on the size, complexity, το Budget, and the number of guests

What are you waiting for; Call us at 6944630199 or fill out the form below

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Estates for weddings

Thinking of getting married in the summer of 2013;

Looking to find a church and reception sites for your wedding day;

Looking hours on the internet but you feel confused and do not know where to start;

What better than a Property for weddings for summer 2013 which is either located near a beach or church has a chapel in it.

How to choose

Entering the autumn, which is offered at weddings, before the start of winter, a unique opportunity to solve any doubts you may have about which location you choose for your wedding reception and the church that will marry next year. What better than a Property for weddings which creates a festive atmosphere in line with the demands of the times. What to do:

  • Do thorough research on the internet to see the options you have to Venues for wedding.
  • Select the southern suburbs with easy access for your guests and close proximity to a plethora of Churches.
  • Select the style of the Church, Whether you want a large church, majestic and formal, or you want something more graphic, as a separate chapel on the edge of the seashore.
  • Make a list estates for weddings in that area, as they are all unique aesthetic, breeze of a summer breeze, adorned with romantic lights, flooded by greenery and overlooking the sea.
  • Make an appointment with managers of estates to visit and evaluate them.
  • Make list 5 of your choice and book a second appointment the day of the wedding to see the place rigged and try the menu.
  • Negotiate prices for services and food.

What you offer The Wedding Planner

The wedding organizer in an appointment with you can:

  • Do you organize an exclusive presentation for the summer and autumn weddings 2013 for estates.
  • To present 15 unique high aesthetic, literally on the sea to host the wedding reception.
  • To choose 5 places of those who fit the style and style of your wedding.
  • To make an appointment to see the land up close, with planned wedding made this year.
  • To make an appointment to do a tasting of the catering with gourmet menu.

The wedding organizer advises

The Sensyle cooperates with many estates for weddings incomparable beauty on the southern outskirts can help you choose the reception site for your wedding. Before your appointment you will know exactly what it will cost you in this process and if it is something you want and you serve. Learn today and make an appointment for our service Estate Wedding & Church.

The 10 Steps for wedding invitations

To Write the text of your wedding invitations need to know what the 10 things that will certainly written on your card, independent project.


Write anyway, clearly, the names of the bride and groom, while the names of the best man and your parents is your discretion whether to write or not.

Time - Day - Location.

We need to give clear information on time, the day and place to place during the Sacrament, with their full names and not abbreviations of words. Whichever way you choose for the kind of writing, ie or more serious and traditional way, the text per se without much more information or a cute pun or ditty, should not be lost in the writing of the above information.


Think of how far your guests come, in what direction and how remote or not is the location of the church and reception area and predict if you need a guide map. If necessary, print on the same paper with the invitation, a shorter length card to enter the same, file together or rice paper. Also should the instructions not only sketch or line drawing, but easy for your guests and give directions in writing with a small side keimenaki (search in internet or by Dexiako space for such information). You can carefully and you trail at least once before the print, to make sure that the instructions are accurate.


Decide in advance, if your invitees will be all or not, guests at reception. If, you can print subtly and beautifully over your card in the reception area. Normally, we print the bottom usually, the call. If they are all invited, should predict extra tag to call those who want individual folders. (be very careful when you are setting up folders to not get surprises!)

The wedding list.

Along with the text on your card will be printed, if you choose, and a phrase, insignia, to your gift list. Be careful not to burn it to another tag, either the map, either the reception, because it is not sure that everyone will see. (The usual choices are either stores – stores, or electronics store or, Most entrant habit, bank accounts, this option to be extra careful because many families still have not fully familiar!)

Delimit style, if necessary.

If you have made up its mind that will give a particular style to your wedding reception, as formal dress or reception to be on the beach, should discreetly inform your guests about it.


It is very important to set a deadline answers. We and you yourself know until when will reply to the reception area for the number of guests you will have. Do not forget to set a schedule with enough free time for you so that you can gather all the necessary answers. (it would have already produced a list of names where, when expired date answers, get you or someone that you put responsible, to learn who and how many will come from each family.)


To include children on your guest list is a very personal matter for each couple. There are some who prefer to keep their wedding reception to be a very formal event, without the presence of small children. If you want a highlight that the invitation addressed only to parents (eg The kinder way is to omit the word Family Papadopoulou, and write pair Mr.. and Mrs.)

Final Draft.

Definitely see a sample before printing! Never trust any third party, as a small spelling mistake can be fatal and may need adjustments after and reprints.

Create a single issue in your marriage.

You can create a single concept which starts at the invitational with a characteristic pattern or skitsaki and build applications for many other things. Choose and apply to your invitations the color palette you have chosen for your wedding. Typical examples are thank-, coasters or placemats for your drinks or decorating your tables, binder for the towel, printed towel with your initials, labels for wine or water, program or printed menu to get onto the plate of each of your guests even placecards, if you want to have specific locations for each of your guests, but many, many other ideas.

Wedding Dresses


Words marriage – wedding dress are synonymous, as the bridal gown starts all the dreams of little girls. This is the most coveted dress you will ever wear, if not the most expensive, then the expensive clothes you put on yourself, and therefore will make the biggest and best market research in your life. You must spend time watching bridal salon, είτε σε site στο internet, at fashion shows or in print or even ask some of your friends if any have married earlier than you, for stores that went and satisfied, and let's not buy from there necessarily. How will end up in the most important dress of your life;

How to find your wedding gown..

It's time to prepare, about it and start all research enough before your wedding day. The search for wedding dresses is a very beautiful and enjoyable process that can comfortably enjoy for some time before the final date of your wedding. But at the same time should be calculated that every house needs from 2 months to 5 sometimes months, sewing of wedding dress, Predict when you have time as your wedding. Outline the available financial framework have, especially if it comes from the groom's side. Do not forget that not only is the wedding dress and shoes, the bridesmaids, and other accessories you might need. If you want to save, some money by renting your wedding dress. Be prepared, however, because this is not the case at all studio, and much more not all projects can have a bridal house.

Trying on wedding dresses..

Found candidate for wedding dresses and now what to watch; When tested in a wedding dress should be given based on some important issues to assess whether really suits you and apply right over your:

  • Try to breathe normally in this. Do not hold your breath, move freely, sit, do that danced and generally try that you would at night in your marriage.
  • Do you have someone you care for us. It's good to always have with you your mother or another person close to you will have the comfort, you and that, to comment without shyness and to accept any well-intentioned comments. You already know what suits your body, you can definitely choose a very different style than what you normally would you choose, Take a chance, but not something that you do not feel comfortable.
  • Try to spend your time in any bridal separately. Particularly in these 2 you like most of all. Try again and again, Marriage is not just a party, is one of the most important moments in your life, so if you need to book an appointment again or even take some pictures, to remember what you saw and where. We must not be shy to ask me anything that you do not know or are not sure.
  • Consult your host your wedding. The wedding organizer, around you, trying to choose the one that is closer to your tastes as well as those who have pre-consulting. The organizer wedding usually know most bridal salon abroad and Fashion Designers of Greece and can recommend solutions affordable and stylish, measures you always.

The organizing wedding suggests

Μαρίτα ΠούλουLearn how to choose the wedding dresses in our service "Wedding“.

Bridal hairstyles

All brides, par'oti focus all interest in her wedding dress, when they arrive at a single, immediately, their next "problem", and anxiety are bridal hairstyles and makeup. But there is this steady flow of procedures that should be followed to get to pleasing effect; Or just a lot of trial is the solution for you;

How to choose bridal hairstyles..

The style of wedding dress you have chosen is an integral part of the process of choice for bridal hairstyles. These two important pieces must be consistent. Every wedding has its own personality, his own style and must be followed to create a single image aesthetics. So, take care, a line wedding dress, its cut, and how that ties but also the fabric of. Alongside consider issues such:

  • What time is the mystery of your wedding, ie if the ceremony is too early so we can have a more bouncy hairstyle and not a heavy chignon.
  • As at the location of your wedding, the Church and the property or room, eg if. you are next to the beach to watch the best moisture to not spoil your hairstyle.
  • Think details anyway live daily in your life. If your hair eg. not hold in a possible straightening or lightness split-curl, not dare for that day.

Generally you should consider and discuss in detail the hairdresser all the details of your wedding.

The 5 main categories at bridal hairstyles..

The types and styles in bridal hairstyles divided into 5 central categories, and from there there are many different variations. The 5 basic categories are:

  • Lightly thrown away and. Sometimes simple is the most beautiful. If you already have long hair and a little wavy, take advantage of the. There is nothing more beautiful than a strapless wedding dress with open back that drop over the lightly, thoroughly disheveled, hair. Airy and romantic bridal style type «Empire».
  • Curly – waves μπούκλες. Romantic princess. Whether under, or half-half caught, the choice of the curl is always a constant value. Wedding «Princess» or «A-Line» line fit very, and exudes romantic style from another era.
  • Lightly up grips. Formal and sophisticated style. For any bride wants more evening style, a bouncy hairstyle high, with some tsouloufakia fall diligently left and right is the right solution. Fits great solution to this type of wedding gown «Ballerina» or «Mermaid»
  • Chic chignon.Dinner, grand and elegant style. A safe solution for any bride wants to have the confidence for the whole night and the whole elegance to the looks of the guests over the. Fits «Ballgown» line.
  • Ponytail or French braid. Long plush hair in a ponytail or a beautiful plait caught. For the bride who wants to impress without "chatter". Options pull-catching and have an opinion. And when you consider the kinds, you look photos, you hear relatives and girlfriends but you still have not chosen anything specific, what to do;

The organizing wedding suggests

Μαρίτα ΠούλουLearn how to choose bridal hairstyles in our service "Wedding Planning“.

Bridal makeup


The bridal makeup together with the bridal hairstyle, constitute the final stage of your wedding preparation, without the means,they have and the less weight or need less attention. Especially when you consider that the right choice of a proper makeup will bring out the star of the substantial evening you say you. How to choose a makeup; How many times do I have to book an appointment and how far in advance before the date of your wedding;

Choosing bridal makeup

The simplest and most honest advice I could ever give you for bridal makeup expressed in 6 simple words, and including: is not the time to experiment! All of us know at any time what suits us in our face, surely even if you do professional makeup, know what colors we go, what keeps make up on our face, even more that we like our eyes. We will tell you in brief, points to watch:

  • Wear waterproof mascara, you need.
  • "The less the better ' This sentence says it all. Do excesses, is unnecessary. Do not want you to be another day of your wedding.
  • Do tentatively (about time 1 Time) to see what make-up suits you best.
  • You try not to 'polish' very. Some sparkle to eyes or just for apples, is enough to.
  • Take pictures from pilot to have a yardstick.
  • If you wish, one teeth whitening earlier than the date of your wedding.
  • Choose a healthy tone tan, if married summer for your skin. Again, do not overdo it.
  • Do not go to the wedding without the emergency kit. That is without a bag with everything you might need it again (powder, lipstick, χαρτομάντηλα,etc.).
  • The lipstick that will put the professional makeup artist, you can go and buy it earlier, for you to refresh the color on your lips whenever desired.

Relaxation Tips

When you choose the bridal makeup, you must trust the hands of experts. With the people you have worked up to that time, should trust them and listen to their advice to achieve ideal results for you. The options are many, like doing 1-2 days, before the date of your wedding in order to drive out stress, To obtain the positive psychology that you must have that day and rest the body, skin but also your mind, everything you have "bombed" in recent months. By doing this you are guaranteed to shine, wellbeing and a better mood to come to your wedding day, to live to the maximum and to stand out in a unique way. So you will see your face radiate happiness you feel that day, without exaggeration, without're another!

The organizing wedding suggests

Μαρίτα ΠούλουLearn how to choose bridal makeup in our service "Wedding Planning“.