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New original themes for christenings and children's parties!

Very soon, some issues are very fond of the moms are repeated so as to “tire” and not choose the parents again. Depending on the season and suddenly created new wonderful, fairytale themes that you can choose and deploy, if you want to be original to the baptism of your small.

More detail, this year was definitely the year of Balloon! They loved as much as anything else so blue, blue, Navy shades and pastel pink, peach colors. Balloon Creations, floral arrangements or even fabric splendid constructions have become fast-seller and earn impressions of the guests at each event. Another topic that is dominating this year Around the world. Traveling, airplanes, trains and steamers serve the means to travel large and small countries and distant lands. Worn out, vintage maps, binoculars, hydrogaphic, Vintage suitcases, books collectibles and so many other wonderful objects decorate the entrance to the Church, the Candy Bar and the tables of the guests.

New and very beautiful styling theme, is the Under the Water, Aquatic World. Wonderful constructions jellyfish, fish, Whales, octopus, colorful and imaginative algae, and marine animals springing and enchant your guests. Also wonderful colorful theme is Rainbow. One issue that we all loved as children, and we were looking to find! Backdrops, fabrics and all kinds of sweets Ombre style decorate tables and spaces. The extraordinary scenes created with Safari, continue to gain ground in the original issues christening! Livestock, palms, greeneries, plates, constructions, all together contribute to the ideal childhood scene to win all eyes. Large constructions, bright colors and a variety of options from the animal kingdom.

A very different and colored theme, this year was the Lego! We first asked Rita & the Apostle, where they were looking and calling for their own angel was happy mood, bright colors and fairytale feel of a game known both in small and in all large! The result excited and left the best impression on friends and acquaintances. Main game objects notorious were used as platters, discs and equipment for setting up one of the most highly Candy Bar of our baptism!

Practical and imaginative theme with the main decorative Fruit Stand! Formed a beautiful table, the reception or in the central area, a large candy bar where instead of the classic single sweet, up colorful construction fresh fruit placed on small and large. Fruits of all kinds that decorate so beautifully to prefer the sweets guests, They seem equally delicious and the sweets! Correspondingly the course Lemonade Stand, where apart of classic cherries homemade lemonade, biscuits added, cup cakes, and sweet lemon flavors and vanilla. In colors yellow bright light and white to perfectly decorate the table. Alongside individual juices even plain water or carbonated, with flavors and color, enriched with fruits and perfumes may be used. For centerpiece on tables choose small wooden boards in Vintage style to fit perfectly with the concept of Lemonade Stand and fill them with flowers of the field. Another separate issue is the Animal Farm, with all sorts of pet be protagonist! And finally the unique issue… Serf, summery combined with many activities and various decoration items!

We at SenSyle we are here to create ex nihilo an issue for small or / or your, or develop a separate issue that I enjoy, to plan it right in size and style that you want! Imagination has no limits when discussing children, imaginative baptisms!!!

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Ευφάνταστα cup cakes, cookies and donuts for our little friends!

So ideas…! Colors, designs and beautiful creations. When approaching baptism or birthday of our young, we all want to do our best. Depending on the issue that he loves your daughter or your son, or depending on what you, You want to create find beautiful and original ideas and ask the most up to date bakeries that make specifically for these cases the most special creations. Small treats plain artwork…that in the end no one wants to eat so as not to …”spoil”…! Flavor, fragrance but above all fills the eye with the details and imaginative ideas. Issues such, summer / winter – cartoon – images or persons from childhood tales – super heroes disney – Animals – Bows – polka dots – balloons – ideas from various sports – the jungle or the sea – and many more ideas! Combine the colors that suit you the invitations with your sweets for even more beautiful results. Some platters, and handsome equipment and you will be ready to delight young and old!

Cup cakes, donuts, beautiful cookies or biscuits on sticks like lollipops! At that size and flavor you want.


Some notable choices…for you!

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Topics Christening

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In recent years more and more baptisms acquire single issue, which specific elements and colors assigned theme in every small or great detail baptism. From decorations to small favors & large, sweets, flavors, colors, all help to ground the theme chosen by Mom & daddy for his baptism or small / th the! Fashion wants beautiful chromatismoous exuded consistent and uniform concept in everything. Forget the different favors, the incoherent decoration of the font and the christening candle that just had a rep ..! The theme is the beginning and the end and all along recount a beautiful fairy tale!

We at SenSyle we are at your disposal to create from scratch a topic that will be of your liking and very likely that we have in our Suggestions. Regardless of budget and financial capacity, we can recommend something that will be perfect aesthetics and governed by a single theme, that the final result excite small & great! We are able to design from the beginning Concept Decoration, creatively for: Invitation card, Paper Wishes, Set Favors - Testimonials, Candle, Box Decoration. And on the table with your guests: Thanksgiving, Cornets sweets, Napkin Ring, Placemats, Stickers pot and not only. Labels for bottles of water or wine, Afisetes, and Canvas Welcome to your baby's name! You tell us what you want or how you imagine and we will find solutions, and create fairytale moments!
The issues that we recommend:

  • Carousel
  • Fraoulochora
  • Cherries
  • Melissaki
  • Ladybirds
  • Duckling
  • Teddy bear
  • Merry-go-round
  • Butterflies
  • Elephant
  • Owl
  • Aerostato / Around the World
  • Call to Tea
  • Princess ή Prince
  • Royal King ή Queen
  • Mansions and Knights
  • Manitarochora
  • Fairies
  • White Angel
  • Ballerina
  • Ark with Animals
  • The bottom
  • Starfish & Shells
  • Ankara
  • Nautical Theme
  • Mermaid Ashore
  • Pirates
  • Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse
  • Lollipops & Sweets / Ice-Cream / Candyland
  • Kite or Windmills
  • Car / Scooter
  • Airplanes
  • Boats
  • The Farm
  • The Forest
  • Circus / Carnival
  • The Zoo
  • Hello Kitty
  • The Little Prince
  • Dino, the dinosaurs
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Pinocchio
  • Book Tales
  • Personalized Themes with images of babies
  • Your Sport (Basket ball – Football – Skating)
  • Color (Monochromatic or Pattern)
  • Rocket to the stars
  • Space
  • Cities Themes
  • Moustaki & Brown (Βοw Tie)
  • Frozen
  • Camping
  • Peppa The Pig
  • Cowboys
  • Jungle
  • Super Heroes
  • Fishing
  • Journey to the world
  • Lego
  • Popcorn / Cupcake
  • Animals
  • Back to School
  • Candyland
  • Chevron
  • Chocolate
  • The First Christmas

Win big and small and make them all to reclaim children!

themata bapt copy

Children's parties and christenings winter!

HotCocoaWinter is approaching and this year we have several baptisms and many celebrations & Birthdays! In contrast to the summer months when the subjects on the sea, the water games, nature, and many other topics vary, the winter months there is a relative limit.. But we, SenSyle to believe that the key is to not lose our good mood and working creatively imagination!


Usually most of the ideas emanating from the tales of the elements.. So the winter months we only have to be original and use our favor the elements! The pure white snow, stately snowflakes, clear and blue cubes, Animals of the North Pole, such as penguins (with so many stories and movies with these small players!), Polar Bears, fawn and deer and many other original ideas! And of course if you are in the favored category where birthdays are close to Christmas or New Year…then the list is growing dramatically and elements of decoration and themes are all in your favor!!!!


Let us turn our summer vanilla cupcakes in chocolate delicious treats. Let's add that sweet summer the fear… and did not even touch. Such as chocolates or chocolate bars with wrapping paper the name of your child's age or date of birthday! Let's fill cups and separate mini bottles of milk or cocoa if you like sweet add 3-4 mini marshmallows σε κάθε ποτηράκι! Cakes pops, wafers, Chocolate Truffles, big delicious cookies, or donuts stuffed with cinnamon and very cigarillos are protagonists in beautiful cones, in separate bags or boxes! Fill your home beautiful rich smells sweet and decorate with the same sweet disposition home!


Topics for winter party!

Hot Chocolate

Penguins on ice

Snowy party

Shiny snowflakes

Ice Skating Party

Ice Princess


Frosty man


Marshmallows & hot chocolate


Polar Bear

Amusement Parks / Circus / Carousel

Rudolph the fawn

Christmas Balls

Come together to decorate our tree!

Fairies and Elves


Create separate activities making

themes within the party, such as:

Waffle Bar
Hot Chocolate Bar
Cookies Bar
Cupcake Mania Stand


1 2 3 5 4 6 8


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Color palettes for Baptism & party of your little!

baby and kidsOur desire is to SenSyle every event we undertake, putting our personal touch. There is proper coordination, uniformity issue & the colors chosen by Mom and Dad, original ideas and structures and stand out event at the elegance of! Be it christening or birthday of your little, we are full of desire to design a unique event that will be unforgettable to your guests. Colors, shapes, Games, candy bar, Invitations, themed gift bags or candy, Wedding Favors, placemats, napkins, biscuits and much more information and applications are at your disposal!

In the extras if you would add thematic activities, similar of your choice to entertain pleasantly small. Face painting, stilt, Puppet, magician and illusionist tricks, karaoke, painting, inflatable castles-slides and many other innovative ideas to dress up day! We can manufacture any idea into an interactive experience, eg. Grocery Store, Catwalk, hairdresser's, pagotatzis, oven, and many many more! All the decor will contribute to the great feast, that will create together, for your little angel!

The issues that we recommend…a lot. Get some ideas and we are here to create together the fairytale setting for your small or.. Topics Christening.

As for the color palettes you can choose…Choose the one that you love. Girls or boys find the perfect palette for you and will make your décor befitting the theme of your choice.

palette baptish 1 palette baptish 2 palette baptish 3 palette baptish 4 palette baptish 5 palette baptish 6 palette baptish 7 palette baptish 8 palette baptish 9 palette baptish 10 palette baptish 11 palette baptish 12 palette baptish 13 palette baptish 14 palette baptish 15 palette baptish 16 palette baptish 17 palette baptish 18 palette baptish 19 palette baptish 20 palette baptish 21 palette baptish 22 palette baptish 23 palette baptish 24 palette baptish 25 palette baptish 26 palette baptish 27 palette baptish 28

Designs for baby cakes .. Offerings!

A proposal to SenSyle for different décor combined with the cake for your guests!

At the table of wishes or as we prefer to call it, Candy Bar We recommend creating a themed backdrop similar baptism of your baby. In this table except the special decoration that we have already analyzed in previous article our, we come to add an amazing, special cake which will be placed in the center of this table and decorates main element Candy Bar.

Colors of your choice, flavor of your choice .. but plan… only through a large collection of drawings that can show you and choose the one that suits you and your baby!

We invite you to see 10 different proposals for a special event!

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