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2017~ 2018 it was, what is & what is 'must have' for weddings 2018!

Nine distinct ideas:

1.Big Personalize Initials. Marquee or not..?

Iron and the like Illuminated; You want it filled with flowers; The want of wood and decorated, με glitter, with mousli..opos though it, They should be large and earn the site visitor!

2.Donut Wall / Donut Bars.

great fury, delicious flavors & colors, instead of the classic candy bar, Stand out in style!

3.Drip Layer Cake.

Choose a cake with the effect of dripping! White or gold, candy or chocolate, decorate with macaroons, fresh fruit or just with flowers and will certainly impress your guests!

4.Wedding Sings.

mirrors, wooden sign, plates, textile printing, material that you choose, write your message! Write on your own, something that makes you unique to welcome your guests! Give your mark!

5.Agate Slice Calligraphy.

Impress with a unique numbering tables or a unique seating chart will become a fast-seller gift after the wedding!

6.Acrylic invitations.

Wonderful papers and their choices… but imagine being given to your guests acrylic Invitational, transparent engraved! Just wonderful!

7.Marble cakes or Watercolor Cakes.

Cakes appearance like marble. In pastel colors with gold leaf or pink gold, tastes great! Or like a painting, a unique creation that is painted by hand, each cake is simply unique.

8.Greenery decoration.

Leaves, foliage everywhere! Eucalyptus, ferns, Succulents, aerofyta, tropical foliage, Ruska, monstera, ivy, myrtle, olive, or more simply.. thyme, rosemary, basil and mint, combinations earn the most demanding of space!

9.Wedding Arches.

wedding arches.. foliation whole, flowers hanging, highlight, decorating alone or fabrics, with hanging glass balls that hide inside romantic lighting. In which the composition or formation if you like, arches have become another 'must' marriages!

Gifts kalesmenon..me other words known Favors!

In recent years the customary Newlyweds make a small gift to their guests beyond the classical Favors. Whether it is just for the young and young girlfriends, and this is a utilitarian gift, whether it is for all guests, the habit ever “spreads”. The reason to do this in principle a pair is simply, that wants to be something like a souvenir gift, since their marriage in every guest. The wedding favor is a custom with tradition that goes back to the 15th century in Greece and Italy (as we have said in earlier article….) which has always given as an honorary gift to the guests for their participation in such a beautiful time of the common life of the couple. Almonds are the Roman Empire and was a symbol of prosperity every wedding. But as the years pass and all modernized, so the wedding favor can remain as the most classic tradition wedding, but all the young guys want to do the “something different” for those.


In America these little gifts called favors and have now begun and keep the same name in Greece. What may be the favors…??


Ideas are toooses many purely dependent on the imagination of everyone. Many times we use the place of origin of the couple to create something that has semantic meaning for them. Other times it is something they have made themselves with their hands and with their love, as a souvenir gift of the guests. Sometimes it can be something practical, something that is to be held and used by the guests in order to remember where it comes from. There are no classical or non-solutions, as there are no right and mistakes in this area. Each couple can bring to measures and create the most unique gifts!


Some ideas are as follows:

Beautiful and ornate bottles or jars with corks, glass or burlap stuffed with lavender, coarse salt, oil, honey, any traditional jam is made by a mother or mother in law, jam, mastic, ouzo, moonshine, wine, traditional local products of the origin of the couple. Soaps shaped and scented special. Pouches or tubes filled with coffee beans, with chocolate chips, with shreds of tea or a decoction. Souvenirs and practical gifts for the duration of a marriage, such as, sunglasses, flip flops for ladies and damsels, fans, hats, scarves for any cool night, and much more. Semantically gifts , such as the pitfalls of bad dream or a circle with lace, saying…Thank you for being on our own circle of Love, wooden hearts that are magnets but have dedication by the hand of the intending spouses. The latest new ideas, are craft bags filled with seeds to plant each guest his own flower or ready Mini pots to the planting it, cd with the favorite songs of the couple for their guests, small bottles of fresh lemonade, matchboxes with dedication externally by the pair, Mini boxes with all kinds karamelitses, and so many other beautiful ideas!


All you have to think if you want something special for your wedding… you might, you could make…or purchase a traditional product and we take care to prepare, to decorate them and make them an integral part of your wedding in the most sophisticated way!


For more ideas and photos, visit our page on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com

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The most elegant Stefanakis hair Bride!

Fashion and trends abroad now, They come very quickly and in our country. Especially the industry of marriage has many influences from fashion and events of other countries and adopted quickly and Greek reality. So our present article was written imagining, of our year's Nyfoules increasingly looking for a beautiful floral wreath on their hair! With many large flowers or few and discreet, This relates to the preferences of each nyfoulas. The choices are endless…and they are never boring! All sorts of combinations can be made to emerge the most fitting result in picture every nyfoulas. Whatever you have, Stefanakis the hair have started and become…”must” weddings. And if you think that the Stefanakis just in case you do not wear veil…make a big mistake. Plus the combination of the two is possible and very stylish. Brides most graceful, most romantic and very impressive!

How to choose…? Of course simply, consider the style and the style of your wedding dress along to your wedding, and of course think of the time you get married. As is the case throughout the rest of the decoration, so in Stefanakis, plays a big role in what you can find the specific time at which getting married. Does it matter if the end of July and is very hot….or if the end of September and there is cooler weather.

Previously only the bridesmaids wore wreath in their hair and this most often with gypsofylla or baby roses, in white or pale pink. But now all the colors bright or pastel, and almost all kinds of flowers are creative small ornaments for nyfoules. Large or small flowers, wreaths whole or only part of the comb, are the most special appearances for Brides!!! Cool and fresh flowers or dried flowers like. lavender combined with a matching flower transformed into perfectly elegant…jewelry!!! Roses, peonies, Lisianthus, freesias, buttercup, Tulips, kalles, and additional fruits, like iperikoum white or red, pink pepper (strange as it sounds, it's beautiful!), berries, lavender and much more, all tie with beautiful green foliage separately or with some wooden base as a wreath to intertwine up.


We chose some of the most beautiful, colorful and elegant Stefanakis, from the internet for you ..!

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Blooming invitations!

flowes Photo: https://www.etsy.com

Anthismena wedding invitations.. full of flowers & herbs for 2015!

Beautiful colors, strongly based white or blackboard! Invitations, stationery romantic or modern, depending on the style you choose for your wedding. This year is very fashionable flowers, branches & foliage, herbs and even some fruits like pomegranate, oranges and lemons. Whether you want a more minimalist motifs or heavier designs, Create your own invitation with your wedding flowers in colors you love.

A very beautiful stylistic choice, is the simple invitation with large engraved names of the couple with a beautiful characteristic Freehand font, combined with a rich, full file for the invitation, where he will internally lined with paper pattern full of flowers (envelope lining). Another original option, is the incompatibility, between your card and envelope. And what we mean? See the sample photo at the top of the article. Invitation with horizontal pattern, black & white stripes, gold letters and envelopes lined strongly flowers. What combines not shown disconnected?? ..But of course accompanying the invitation card (RSVP) having on one side, bright color like the flowers and the back side of the stripes. By the same token just could there accompanying the invitation card, menu, numbering tables, thank you, and more.

The team SenSyle is at your disposal to design and create the most original and personalized invitations that you can imagine! Choose colors that you love and come to create invitations, thanksgiving, menu cards, fans and many other ideas on what you want!

0b085c53103d8541e78fe246da01e0bb Photo:http://www.minted.com/ bad50f521cf79ba84dce6ecf50e381e9 Photo: http://ruffledblog.com /06ea327a07464a4a56b452d40b7cc5d6 Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/89c7358283824d6491789417ddee7756 Photo: http://www.weddingchicks.com/ 464f5ba1945dc09e0140c5d900fed6cf Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/ f00bbedc63603b2f859cbe45e8f43846 Photo: https://www.etsy.com b75f80a51bea89e2b182e9db6a709e64 Photo: http://ruffledblog.com /48176b1abeed1be19ab272f34879fe65 Photo: http://ruffledblog.com / d2a0bc49318189ee8eee75fd86fbdb33 Photo: https://www.etsy.com 2b5d08223491cd06db36559090fdf41e Photo: https://www.etsy.com e917b00b38b5d7079d69bec5d426b30d Photo: http://ruffledblog.com /18286cf3565d219e7bcd449cbcc757e7 Photo: http://www.weddingchicks.com/ 069c953c3240b400d69af8d286a4c526 Photo: http://justinviteme.com/ 6d4a5fd090846e7f45135b5ac977a34a Photo: http://www.rachelmarvincreative.com/


Initially letters illuminate…your wedding!

letters Photo: http://justthedesign.tumblr.com/

Letters plate.. iron.. flowers or wood covered with moss!

A brand new trend that is gaining more and more ground at weddings. Based on the personification of the original couple… who steal the show with the welcome! Letters with the initials of the couple's names, various sizes. Very large in height adorned with lights or small to akoumpistoun on a table, highlight the ta..stoliste and decorate!!! Even if you do not want your initials, select a phrase…or a characteristic word, όπως Love -Candy Bar – Bar – Love is in the air – Just Married and decorate your wedding with this different idea to prototypiste!

The new trend is based on the construction of the initial letters with traditional lamps, familiar to us all, who placed at key points illuminate the night glow at the reception. The construction may be of iron, wood or even cardboard. And the letters may be blooming with flowers, gaps with lamps, or stuffed around with moss. Their applications and their practical: can be made guest book, be a partition or the imposing decoration behind your wedding table, may be the reason for the newly married photographed with them or your guests, can be illuminated during your first dance or with a little imagination, modified and win…the most demanding judges marriage!

Select the size you want, oversized, medium or even small resting on a table (wedding or candy bar). Choose the material that suits you, your marriage and your personalities, and “highlight” the most beautiful day of your life by adding this new lovely bright trend! The group you SenSyle wait to plan together separate ideas for your wedding. Come to discuss and we suggest that these letters can be made piece and your own story!!!


b5540609ac3113a2610fa23212df0bc3 Photo: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/a9d1ba6bc950b1c5ac77ba14c7be957b Photo: http://www.100layercake.com/ 765749cd7296865b34a6ddf9d83ed597 Photo: http://jonaspeterson.com/ 782ba7c1460da9c7e0a932d6e01da4c9 Photo: http://blog.lulus.com/ cf2d81ba0cf0c2e7551ba7e19364866e Photo: https://www.etsy.com 661be5b329c621ea4c2291fc74b4e3c9 Photo: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/5a955caa5790184413e75c13aab9d7c1 Photo: http://www.theweddingpost.net/ 685b3c90fcae07c02ad861eb66ad6a23 Photo: http://onefabday.com/ db1cfab55e0d0f2c32167cd4b197e823 Photo: http://www.firstavenueweddingfavors.com/

Naked Wedding Cakes!

naked cakes

Wedding Cakes…verbatim… Naked!!!


Fashion.. Voltage.. or simply a different idea. Cakes Naked! In other words, cakes with no external icing / frosting, whipped or Sugarpaste. In essence leave confectioners, most, the inner layers (layers) cake, the cake, appear. Given all the emphasis, ol intensity, abroad plan!

With color inside the layers or without, chocolate or vanilla flavor, decorated with seasonal fruit, The beautiful flower toppers or even even separately dried foliage and natural, the aesthetics of this cake is substantially different from what we have so far used. It can be just as beautiful, simple, complex, multi-storey or high just as with traditional wedding cakes. You can decorate and bring it to your tastes just as you would with the classic wedding cake you choose.

Confectioners say, that this method of construction, wedding cake and it seems easiest, wants more technical and time to generate the correct result. Each layer must be uniform, not seem imperfections (unless requested deliberately). It should have a proper moisture cake to not dry, not hardened to taste. But something still very, important, is that this cake is true! In sharp contrast to the 85% of couples are choosing wedding cakes false, this trend focuses only on cakes true!


We show you some beautiful pictures of Naked Wedding Cake Trend, that we LOVE!!!!

1ae24c87dd7fcf9698e311f0963fcac4 Photo: http://heyweddinglady.com/5b82cc38ceb112452f59be88117dc03a Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/ 9bea43185a67e8755feb148ec2150ef1 Photo:http://ruffledblog.com/ 6c71a170d7f94719155805fabf7508f9 Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/720543f31767c5e8e2a6316e60d981c2 Photo: http://bajanwed.com/ def331cd7eda2ac65d7e5e8909c92a88 Photo: http://aisleperfect.com/b9d127b3d93d3d3efd36a665f23df5ae Photo: http://emmalinebride.com/ b5b189e5a33fec86f7e63746b2709983 Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/

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