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Color palette #122

palette no116 21

Aubergine tones for a flawless styling wedding!

This year may be the Marsala is the color of the year 2015, but that does not mean it can not be attributed to more skoures..i possibly lighter tones. So dark aubergine (burgundy) color combined with more open and dark tones with the favorite this year gray. Add touches white not very “heavy” and draw a flawless styling combined with unusual and beautiful colors! Flowers will find a wide variety throughout this range of colors but respectively and you can find details for you (Shoes, zone, earrings, necklace, etc) and for the groom (tie, girdle, wipe, boutonniere, etc). Find the right balance and you will have a wonderful palette for a beautiful winter wedding.


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Color palette #120

palette no117 20 copy

Natural materials and wood for a special winter palette!


Our current palette is here to remind us that winter is a very special and beautiful period. Can adorn itself with the most natural materials. Bring the earth and wood. To highlight its beauty so special and to charm even the most… strict judges decoration. If you are one of the few elite Nyfoules who married in winter, Make the most of the natural materials available at this time… Fir, foliage varied, wood, cotton, pine, cinnamon sticks, burlap and mistletoe to plan your wedding you will never forget your friends! Even the special “Naked wedding cake” perfectly suited to the characteristics of our winter palette. Combine all the small details carefully and you will see a beautiful decorative effect!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #118

palette no115 8

Dusty Blue, combined with deep burgundy and shades of!

Many years was considered the blue as difficult hue and couples avoid. Not anymore! And we are happy about it. In interpreting the color blue is considered the color of severity, confidence, purity, of serenity and tranquility. The shades of…countless. Νavy blue, Blue electric, Blue black, Royal blue, blue, turquoise, azurite, indigo, Sea and many other. For today we have chosen the most… dusty shade of blue. Dark, slightly hazy and very noble! Combine it with burgundy and gray, to highlight that even colors that are in our minds intertwined with hazy shades can produce excellent results.


Photo Credits:

Wedding Bouquet – http://www.stylemepretty.com

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Color palette #115

palette no111

Tons of gray and shades of cranberries!


Winter is here and we are ready to seize the rich and vibrant colors more “winter” range! Beautiful gray tones combined with various shades of red, burgundy inspired by the colors of velvet of BlackBerry, red rose original! Use not only materials, but the fruit itself as a piece of decoration. In the centerpiece between your flowers, the wedding cake as a garnish, resting on a towel tied to the guests the thanksgiving, in your bridal bouquet but also more subtle signs such as buttons. Select light tones of gray and create a unique palette for your wedding! !


Photo Credits:

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Centerpiece – http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com

Invitation & Rings – http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Color palette #114

palette no123 copy

White pumpkins for decoration Thanksgiving!

Day of Thanksgiving and we could since we do not create at least 2 pallets dedicated to this special celebration! Greece may not celebrated widely, but there are many of them that keep the custom, most because they have lived several years in America. If you are one of the Nyfoules derived from Greek American family, and want to get married near the day of Thanksgiving, you have to be original! Our previous palette is dedicated to the representative colors of this festival, while this palette was created to propose and a different proposal.. Poplars pumpkins, special, beautiful if you can adorn and decorate many many pieces of a marriage. Create separate from lanterns with them (writing or boring projects the outer shell of the pumpkin), Make Thanksgiving, put it in the center of your table to decorate, add touches to your wedding cake, create the most special bridal bouquet and many many more ideas. Differentiate and separate!


Photo Credits:

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