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Color palette #115

palette no111

Tons of gray and shades of cranberries!


Winter is here and we are ready to seize the rich and vibrant colors more “winter” range! Beautiful gray tones combined with various shades of red, burgundy inspired by the colors of velvet of BlackBerry, red rose original! Use not only materials, but the fruit itself as a piece of decoration. In the centerpiece between your flowers, the wedding cake as a garnish, resting on a towel tied to the guests the thanksgiving, in your bridal bouquet but also more subtle signs such as buttons. Select light tones of gray and create a unique palette for your wedding! !


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Color palette #113

palette no122 copy

Palette dedicated to Thanksgiving!

The day of Thanksgiving is dedicated to the category of crop festival! Annual celebration awarded thanks to the Creator for goods gained everyone at the end of the crop. The first festival was celebrated in the 16th century with the introduction of the Feast began their first European settlers. The origins date back to the celebrations organized by the first settlers arrived just in the new continent, as thanksgiving to the Creator for their safe arrival. The celebration is directly combined with good food (the turkey and many vegetables) the pumpkins with decoration, but the decor with dried fruits and many kinds of flowers. The colors are bright orange from the hue of pumpkin, and earthy colors they created and the whole atmosphere. If any Nyfoula, especially hailing from America decides to marry that day will be able to use strong colors and show the best way its appreciation to the family, because after all this is the official day to thank those around us and be grateful for what we have…!


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Color palette #112

palette no109 copy

Autumn and winter palette with shades of raspberry!


Our current palette is one of our very favorite! Tons of bright colors in dark or light shades. The then say lately, and encourage you…. Dare and put color on the most beautiful day of your life. See how special combination is dark burgundy, purple, pink and dark, very red… beautiful result! Add touches or larger pieces of your shoes to ribbons, fabrics or your wedding flowers. Stand out with beautiful flowers in living tons, like peonies, Tulips, david austin, celosia, bouvardia and amarantus. Wonderful decorations for couples who want to diversify.


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #111

palette no115 copy

Beautiful natural colors of autumn!


I am so excited when I see natural color tones be combined…and despite their simplicity to deliver a beautiful finished result! Most autumnal palette would not have happened!!! Hot orange with the ultimate olive color, not combined with white (for not like.. “hard” effect) but beige.. broken whitish. The flowers in this palette are the protagonists, with pomegranates that steal the show! Brown ribbon detail and gorgeous printing surround this palette!


Photo Credits:

Wedding Couple: http://www.stylemepretty.com

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Color palette #109


palette no113Autumn wedding in shades of red berries!


We are in the middle of autumn, and although the days the sun, remind kalokairaki… we present an autumn palette of sweet but strong character! Colors winning impressions, imparting personality, identity in marriage and express, pair perfectly. Trust of fruit… peach, black & red berries, pomegranates… and combine them with autumn leaves in olive colors, orange and reddish. Flowers such as dahlias, the buttercup, roses, trachilioum, cyclamens, the sternmpergia, violets and handsome chain, can you give very distinct compositions with special effect.


Put your personality and give character to your wedding! Add color to correct balance and edit every little detail with care. The result will surely reward!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #108

palette no114 copy

Bohemian wedding in shades of berry!

Autumnal palette in Bohemian style. What two words mean it ..? Is the style of independence, Romanticism and free spirit. Either tell boho-chic, hippie-chic or just Boho style is derived from artifacts, personal touches, mix color prints and patterns in bold colors, textiles and general freedom of thought. Missing rules and restrictions. This style has many areas expressed as, fashion clothes, Makeup, the ornamental, jewelery, but also has a very great impact on weddings lately. The boho style is a trend that helps couples to create a wedding perfectly with the measures that they like! Can be refined, chic but will never be “rigged”. Select different places to place your marriage, select vibrant colors, select lighthearted wedding and plan a wedding with your own personal touch! Even the selection of flowers to a wedding Bohemian is separate. Forget the classic and put your imagination to work! Ask, informed and create a wedding to your out of the ordinary!


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