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Color palette #126

palette no126 copy

Romantic, pastel shades summer in full harmony! Peach, orange & coral!

Shortly before Easter, and the official opening of the season 2015, and we present a pallet highly summery. By placing romance, with vibrant colors available, vitality and shades to combine the sea. 3 colors close yet so different. If there is no balance in quantities of colors very easily palette can be regarded as excessive… or even kitsch. But their pastel shades give a romantic, cool and summery feeling. Flowers, decorative, textiles and printing at your disposal to amaze your guests! Select the specific palette to escape from repetition and monotony. Differentiate with character and style!


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Color palette #125

palette no125 copy

Wedding in summer golden & navy shades!

Can the weather does not make us the grace…but whatever be the Summer is a breath now! With this attitude and driven our favorite couple Joanna & George proceeded to our current palette for those. For a beautiful summer wedding full color, nobility and beautiful fresh flowers. The Navy last year has made its presence felt on pallets of couples, and this year we could only evolve, be trendy and gives color to any event that uses. Strict and mansion together with details of gold, white and green, creates the perfect palette for wedding on the beach and overlooking the beauty of the Greek sea! We hope you like it…! Good weekend to everyone!


Photo Credits:

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Guest setting & Invitation: Pinterest



Color palette #121

palette no118 6

Strikingly Navy with silver and gray tonous..gia one winter and festive wedding!

Winter weddings can be ligoteroi..alla can be both too impressive! If you choose to get married near the festive days of Christmas and Protochronias..epilexte the specific palette and will definitely leave your guests the best memories. Bright royal blue, navy combined with silver and gray details tonnes. Decorate your tables and give color and shine to you and your wedding! The silver “decorates” always our celebrations and is a component that you can use in any degree you want, as excessive or lean you imagine. Give color to your wedding and definitely you will be very happy with the final apotemesma!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #119

palette no119

Palette in Christmas mood! Many happy returns!!!

They arrived very quickly and this Christmas and we're all in a festive mood. When we could not you create a festive palette with colors of days. Red Favorite, green fir and absolute white. The incorporation of wood in decorating a wedding this season, make the most natural, more festive, more earthly. It emerges as the existing festive atmosphere of days. Happy Birthday to all, with health and many joys, not just for this year but for the 2015 coming!!!


Photo Credits:

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Boutonniere – http://www.thelovelyfind.com

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Color palette #114

palette no123 copy

White pumpkins for decoration Thanksgiving!

Day of Thanksgiving and we could since we do not create at least 2 pallets dedicated to this special celebration! Greece may not celebrated widely, but there are many of them that keep the custom, most because they have lived several years in America. If you are one of the Nyfoules derived from Greek American family, and want to get married near the day of Thanksgiving, you have to be original! Our previous palette is dedicated to the representative colors of this festival, while this palette was created to propose and a different proposal.. Poplars pumpkins, special, beautiful if you can adorn and decorate many many pieces of a marriage. Create separate from lanterns with them (writing or boring projects the outer shell of the pumpkin), Make Thanksgiving, put it in the center of your table to decorate, add touches to your wedding cake, create the most special bridal bouquet and many many more ideas. Differentiate and separate!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #109


palette no113Autumn wedding in shades of red berries!


We are in the middle of autumn, and although the days the sun, remind kalokairaki… we present an autumn palette of sweet but strong character! Colors winning impressions, imparting personality, identity in marriage and express, pair perfectly. Trust of fruit… peach, black & red berries, pomegranates… and combine them with autumn leaves in olive colors, orange and reddish. Flowers such as dahlias, the buttercup, roses, trachilioum, cyclamens, the sternmpergia, violets and handsome chain, can you give very distinct compositions with special effect.


Put your personality and give character to your wedding! Add color to correct balance and edit every little detail with care. The result will surely reward!


Photo Credits:

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