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Color palette #127

palette no127 copy

Smell Summer! Aqua combined with coral & pink!

Full of appetite and good mood for the new season, summer which plisiazei..empnefstikame our current palette from our couple, Daisy & Angel! The colors you have chosen.. coral, tones of aqua and orange. We added the romantic pastel pink to attribute our current palette. A combination for anyone who loves color. A palette that will never become boring. Select coral / orange shades on flowers, ribbons, linens, cake, macaroons, sweets, cup cakes and accessories Bride and add soft aqua accents in detail to get a perfectly romantic palette for your wedding day. If you combine some seafood items in your palette will highlight even more the ideal characteristics of these colors. A perfect mix of bright colors to create a unique setting with fresh mood and full of elegance!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #125

palette no125 copy

Wedding in summer golden & navy shades!

Can the weather does not make us the grace…but whatever be the Summer is a breath now! With this attitude and driven our favorite couple Joanna & George proceeded to our current palette for those. For a beautiful summer wedding full color, nobility and beautiful fresh flowers. The Navy last year has made its presence felt on pallets of couples, and this year we could only evolve, be trendy and gives color to any event that uses. Strict and mansion together with details of gold, white and green, creates the perfect palette for wedding on the beach and overlooking the beauty of the Greek sea! We hope you like it…! Good weekend to everyone!


Photo Credits:

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Invitation: http://mycutebride.blogspot.com.es

Bridal Bouquet: https://www.flickr.com/

Guest setting & Invitation: Pinterest



Color palette #121

palette no118 6

Strikingly Navy with silver and gray tonous..gia one winter and festive wedding!

Winter weddings can be ligoteroi..alla can be both too impressive! If you choose to get married near the festive days of Christmas and Protochronias..epilexte the specific palette and will definitely leave your guests the best memories. Bright royal blue, navy combined with silver and gray details tonnes. Decorate your tables and give color and shine to you and your wedding! The silver “decorates” always our celebrations and is a component that you can use in any degree you want, as excessive or lean you imagine. Give color to your wedding and definitely you will be very happy with the final apotemesma!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #118

palette no115 8

Dusty Blue, combined with deep burgundy and shades of!

Many years was considered the blue as difficult hue and couples avoid. Not anymore! And we are happy about it. In interpreting the color blue is considered the color of severity, confidence, purity, of serenity and tranquility. The shades of…countless. Νavy blue, Blue electric, Blue black, Royal blue, blue, turquoise, azurite, indigo, Sea and many other. For today we have chosen the most… dusty shade of blue. Dark, slightly hazy and very noble! Combine it with burgundy and gray, to highlight that even colors that are in our minds intertwined with hazy shades can produce excellent results.


Photo Credits:

Wedding Bouquet – http://www.stylemepretty.com

Groom with Boutonniere – http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com

Table set up – http://www.100layercake.com/

Invitation – http://greenweddingshoes.com

Boutonnieres – http://weddingsparrow.co.uk

Color palette #116

palette no117 copy

Classy wedding with dark blue and shiny gold!


If you are from couples who are getting married in the winter…a different palette…glowing ideas! Classy blue…navy dark shade in combination with gold. Choose white flowers and lush foliage and add color to the rest of decoration. Select a dark blue tablecloth for your table base and top garnish golden candlesticks or wooden bases for flowers and candles. If again you “classical” Nyfoula and prefer the white tablecloth, then pick wildflowers, and beautiful “spiny”…wildest dried flowers to find the dark blue shades and decorate your tables. If you have the option of choosing from catering, put gold cutlery for your guests or dinnerware with gold detail. Create a prestigious atmosphere with lots of style and taste!


Photo Credits:

Centerpiece: http://ruffledblog.com

Wedding Cake: http://www.glamourandgraceblog.com

Candles Decor on the Table: http://www.100layercake.com

Wedding Couple: http://greenweddingshoes.com/

Invitaion: http://ruffledblog.com /

Table set up: http://burnettsboards.com

Color palette #106

palette no106

The Navy loves the bright yellow…and Shows!




Kalokairaki approaching and more and more brides are asking us this year pallets by blue, το navy, royal blue and light blue. So we present how 2 colors so loud and bright can be the perfect combination between. A palette “bold” but beautiful, strong and dynamic. By opinion and personality! The Navy loves the crowded, but usually combined with white and only…we want to see how beautiful it is and with the combination of yellow. In fabrics and decorations are varied options! Flowers also, yellow flowers of spring and summer are numerous. Combine them with ribbons navy, με ύφασμα σε pattern navy & white, as in the panel and you will see how sophisticated combination is! Enjoy your day with the best available!


Photo Credits:

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Couple in Ceremony – http://www.jetfeteblog.com

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