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Color palette #124

palette no124 copy

Favorite color of 2014…in the hearts of couples this year!

Radiant Orchid, in other words the color of Pantone for 2014! And although of a year has passed couples show their preference & love this and this season. Color bright, intense, hot. A shade that is combined with shades of pink and fuchsia ideal! If you are from people who want to color their lives…then this palette is the best choice for you. You are given many opportunities and options for your wedding with this palette, you will not know what to choose first! Invitations, flowers, fabrics and materials.. all there are a variety to find exactly what it is you want and fits you perfectly. Find the balance between the purple and pink and adding tone fuchsia accents, you will have created a flawless, cheerful and lively palette to decorate the atmosphere of your wedding.


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Color palette #122

palette no116 21

Aubergine tones for a flawless styling wedding!

This year may be the Marsala is the color of the year 2015, but that does not mean it can not be attributed to more skoures..i possibly lighter tones. So dark aubergine (burgundy) color combined with more open and dark tones with the favorite this year gray. Add touches white not very “heavy” and draw a flawless styling combined with unusual and beautiful colors! Flowers will find a wide variety throughout this range of colors but respectively and you can find details for you (Shoes, zone, earrings, necklace, etc) and for the groom (tie, girdle, wipe, boutonniere, etc). Find the right balance and you will have a wonderful palette for a beautiful winter wedding.


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #117

palette no122 marsala copy

The color 2015.. Marsala!

We are excited about this year's announcement of Pantone (http://www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/index.aspx) In September we had a favorite pair Peace & by James from New York who chose this color, Marsala, combined with bright red and burgundy dark theme palette for their wedding. The result was a very special and separate. Intensity and color in our lives…and how much we love it!!! The color tone is natural Marsala, Earth may stand either alone or in combination with a plurality of colors on the side of. It is a ton of rich shade of red wine in our glass. A color that adds luxury and glamor to whomever field if used. Ideal shades found in fabrics, in accessories, clothes, but very clear and beautiful and unique flowers perfectly matched! A color that puts creativity and experimentation. Choose to follow fashion, this time…and will not be dissapointed. Add color to your life and the most beautiful moment of your life!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #113

palette no122 copy

Palette dedicated to Thanksgiving!

The day of Thanksgiving is dedicated to the category of crop festival! Annual celebration awarded thanks to the Creator for goods gained everyone at the end of the crop. The first festival was celebrated in the 16th century with the introduction of the Feast began their first European settlers. The origins date back to the celebrations organized by the first settlers arrived just in the new continent, as thanksgiving to the Creator for their safe arrival. The celebration is directly combined with good food (the turkey and many vegetables) the pumpkins with decoration, but the decor with dried fruits and many kinds of flowers. The colors are bright orange from the hue of pumpkin, and earthy colors they created and the whole atmosphere. If any Nyfoula, especially hailing from America decides to marry that day will be able to use strong colors and show the best way its appreciation to the family, because after all this is the official day to thank those around us and be grateful for what we have…!


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Color palette #110

palette no110Wedding tonnes.. “Dusty Purple”!


Lavender is particularly dear to many Nyfoules. In many and various applications of the marriage invitation, wedding favor and centerpiece decorations to lavender is offered several times! In autumn, however, the beginning of winter inspire us to turn a little color. Leroste…vromiste, dusty purple.. and see the impressive and romantic effect gives Dusty Lavender. Combine 2 or 3 shades of dark purple and directly you will have created a separate palette for a wedding between September and January. Flowers, as violets, vanda orchids, hyacinth, Lisianthus, and chrysanthemums and autumn foliage helps to highlight every aspect of your wedding! If you love the old vintage style items to add tons of gold and bronze and take off your wedding!


Photo Credits:

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Centerpiece – http://www.weddingchicks.com/



Color palette #84

palette no84Marriage in shades of raspberry!






Good morning!
Blackberries .. tiny little small and so sweet! Dark fruit with sweet scent and sweet taste.
Purple, aubergine, peach and pale pink. Colors sweets, bright with multiple combinations for wedding color palettes. Because the color is dark blueberry and has 2-3 shades, you can select the tone you want to assign to remove and a similar effect. Do not exaggerate much by the use of color, because the colors are characterized heavy. See how is the wedding cake or centerpiece .. have enough white and less purple-aubergine-burgundy. Select a pure white wedding dress and add to your hair or purple flowers, or an official ribbon loose on your waist (velvet for this period!), or even a corsage for your hand with ribbons and flowers in your colors and you will instantly steal the show!

For flowers, will find enough flowers in these shades to choose whichever you prefer (eg. buttercup, hydrangeas, roses, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, peonies, etc). For decorative tables, Use white or silver vases candlesticks / discs. Would fit very nicely and wooden objects, such as a crate or a wooden oval tray. Brighten up with pale pink, white and peach as you need to create your ideal palette!


Photo Credits:

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Floral Crown – http://ruffledblog.com
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