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Color palette #121

palette no118 6

Strikingly Navy with silver and gray tonous..gia one winter and festive wedding!

Winter weddings can be ligoteroi..alla can be both too impressive! If you choose to get married near the festive days of Christmas and Protochronias..epilexte the specific palette and will definitely leave your guests the best memories. Bright royal blue, navy combined with silver and gray details tonnes. Decorate your tables and give color and shine to you and your wedding! The silver “decorates” always our celebrations and is a component that you can use in any degree you want, as excessive or lean you imagine. Give color to your wedding and definitely you will be very happy with the final apotemesma!


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Color palette #120

palette no117 20 copy

Natural materials and wood for a special winter palette!


Our current palette is here to remind us that winter is a very special and beautiful period. Can adorn itself with the most natural materials. Bring the earth and wood. To highlight its beauty so special and to charm even the most… strict judges decoration. If you are one of the few elite Nyfoules who married in winter, Make the most of the natural materials available at this time… Fir, foliage varied, wood, cotton, pine, cinnamon sticks, burlap and mistletoe to plan your wedding you will never forget your friends! Even the special “Naked wedding cake” perfectly suited to the characteristics of our winter palette. Combine all the small details carefully and you will see a beautiful decorative effect!


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Color palette #119

palette no119

Palette in Christmas mood! Many happy returns!!!

They arrived very quickly and this Christmas and we're all in a festive mood. When we could not you create a festive palette with colors of days. Red Favorite, green fir and absolute white. The incorporation of wood in decorating a wedding this season, make the most natural, more festive, more earthly. It emerges as the existing festive atmosphere of days. Happy Birthday to all, with health and many joys, not just for this year but for the 2015 coming!!!


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Color palette #118

palette no115 8

Dusty Blue, combined with deep burgundy and shades of!

Many years was considered the blue as difficult hue and couples avoid. Not anymore! And we are happy about it. In interpreting the color blue is considered the color of severity, confidence, purity, of serenity and tranquility. The shades of…countless. Νavy blue, Blue electric, Blue black, Royal blue, blue, turquoise, azurite, indigo, Sea and many other. For today we have chosen the most… dusty shade of blue. Dark, slightly hazy and very noble! Combine it with burgundy and gray, to highlight that even colors that are in our minds intertwined with hazy shades can produce excellent results.


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #117

palette no122 marsala copy

The color 2015.. Marsala!

We are excited about this year's announcement of Pantone (http://www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/index.aspx) In September we had a favorite pair Peace & by James from New York who chose this color, Marsala, combined with bright red and burgundy dark theme palette for their wedding. The result was a very special and separate. Intensity and color in our lives…and how much we love it!!! The color tone is natural Marsala, Earth may stand either alone or in combination with a plurality of colors on the side of. It is a ton of rich shade of red wine in our glass. A color that adds luxury and glamor to whomever field if used. Ideal shades found in fabrics, in accessories, clothes, but very clear and beautiful and unique flowers perfectly matched! A color that puts creativity and experimentation. Choose to follow fashion, this time…and will not be dissapointed. Add color to your life and the most beautiful moment of your life!


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Color palette #116

palette no117 copy

Classy wedding with dark blue and shiny gold!


If you are from couples who are getting married in the winter…a different palette…glowing ideas! Classy blue…navy dark shade in combination with gold. Choose white flowers and lush foliage and add color to the rest of decoration. Select a dark blue tablecloth for your table base and top garnish golden candlesticks or wooden bases for flowers and candles. If again you “classical” Nyfoula and prefer the white tablecloth, then pick wildflowers, and beautiful “spiny”…wildest dried flowers to find the dark blue shades and decorate your tables. If you have the option of choosing from catering, put gold cutlery for your guests or dinnerware with gold detail. Create a prestigious atmosphere with lots of style and taste!


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