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Color palette #120

palette no117 20 copy

Natural materials and wood for a special winter palette!


Our current palette is here to remind us that winter is a very special and beautiful period. Can adorn itself with the most natural materials. Bring the earth and wood. To highlight its beauty so special and to charm even the most… strict judges decoration. If you are one of the few elite Nyfoules who married in winter, Make the most of the natural materials available at this time… Fir, foliage varied, wood, cotton, pine, cinnamon sticks, burlap and mistletoe to plan your wedding you will never forget your friends! Even the special “Naked wedding cake” perfectly suited to the characteristics of our winter palette. Combine all the small details carefully and you will see a beautiful decorative effect!


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Color palette #119

palette no119

Palette in Christmas mood! Many happy returns!!!

They arrived very quickly and this Christmas and we're all in a festive mood. When we could not you create a festive palette with colors of days. Red Favorite, green fir and absolute white. The incorporation of wood in decorating a wedding this season, make the most natural, more festive, more earthly. It emerges as the existing festive atmosphere of days. Happy Birthday to all, with health and many joys, not just for this year but for the 2015 coming!!!


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Color palette #111

palette no115 copy

Beautiful natural colors of autumn!


I am so excited when I see natural color tones be combined…and despite their simplicity to deliver a beautiful finished result! Most autumnal palette would not have happened!!! Hot orange with the ultimate olive color, not combined with white (for not like.. “hard” effect) but beige.. broken whitish. The flowers in this palette are the protagonists, with pomegranates that steal the show! Brown ribbon detail and gorgeous printing surround this palette!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #104

palette no104

Beautiful bright yellow and white for a stylish wedding with green accents!




Bold yellow on a white canvas with green, vivid colors! A combination born a perfectly elegant wedding. Whether you are getting married in spring , Summer or select specific palette to give life and fresh atmosphere with beautiful colors in your wedding. Select individual yellow flowers, like lemonioum, Solidago, the buttercup, freesias, kalles, kraspentia and more to decorate your! Add to pure white wedding dress accessories in bright yellow or a different wreath with flowers for your hair. Do not exaggerate. Decorate driven logic and elegance. Use elements in bright yellow like lemon or flower of sunflower and do the bit of your pallet. Like. the design of the invitation lemon or lemon slices in the base of the centerpiece or even offered juice frozen lemonade with yellow straws and paper cutter in pattern lemon, your guests as you wait in Church. Imagination and originality are necessary! Have a nice day!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #87

palette no87Wedding inspired pumpkin…!





We start our week with a wedding inspired by the colors of pumpkin! As funny.. or absurd as that sounds, the pumpkin is a component autumn-winter with very beautiful colors. Its colors .. orange-green and various shades depending on how the product or not is. We chose the green hue of the Mint that we love, and the combined. A wedding needs a personality, need a theme and style. Put yourself and bring out the best as you can to see a wedding that will be made!

Par'oti orange has numerous shades we combine it with a darker shade hazy, that the Mint to highlight and not have great contrast. At a wedding you may want to give a strong character and add bright colors, But you do not want on’ no way to fatigue or stun your guests. So try to make a balanced palette and decorate it with every aspect of your wedding! Find the right intensity of color and create the perfect setting!


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Color palette #85

palette no85Rustic Wedding with available!







Good morning and good week! We could be in October and not having a wedding present Rustic! Abroad is considered the king of marriages fall several times and winter. It all starts from the mood that we have the stylistic our terms. We must of course be noted that we in Greece, we have dexiakous similar places (farm, barn, etc). But what we can very easily do in any area where there is a couple is to adjust the appropriate style's wedding. There are some areas such as Crete, or in Northern Greece where traditional farms and ecotourism accommodation or even traditional shelters, that can be configured according to the concept of decoration you want to give.

What is Rustic free translation? A decorating trend where everything wants to be more natural, using purely natural elements and is available country! Dominant colors in this style are the brown shades, orange, yellow and green. Materials protagonist.. wood, ear, wheels and wooden crates, jars of jams (jar), candles and various kinds of string-ribbons. For the flower decorations prefer flowers simply, with many green elements (branches-leaf-succulents-etc) Choose one that suits your character and your tastes and come together to create the perfect wedding for you!


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