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Color palette #126

palette no126 copy

Romantic, pastel shades summer in full harmony! Peach, orange & coral!

Shortly before Easter, and the official opening of the season 2015, and we present a pallet highly summery. By placing romance, with vibrant colors available, vitality and shades to combine the sea. 3 colors close yet so different. If there is no balance in quantities of colors very easily palette can be regarded as excessive… or even kitsch. But their pastel shades give a romantic, cool and summery feeling. Flowers, decorative, textiles and printing at your disposal to amaze your guests! Select the specific palette to escape from repetition and monotony. Differentiate with character and style!


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Color palette #124

palette no124 copy

Favorite color of 2014…in the hearts of couples this year!

Radiant Orchid, in other words the color of Pantone for 2014! And although of a year has passed couples show their preference & love this and this season. Color bright, intense, hot. A shade that is combined with shades of pink and fuchsia ideal! If you are from people who want to color their lives…then this palette is the best choice for you. You are given many opportunities and options for your wedding with this palette, you will not know what to choose first! Invitations, flowers, fabrics and materials.. all there are a variety to find exactly what it is you want and fits you perfectly. Find the balance between the purple and pink and adding tone fuchsia accents, you will have created a flawless, cheerful and lively palette to decorate the atmosphere of your wedding.


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #123

palette no123 valentine's

The day of love came…!

H celebration of love around the world and could not from having that day, its own separate pallet. What characterizes this day apart from love?? A symbol aionio..opos heart.. and red, the color of passion, intensity, of strong emotions and love. And could never be missing on the side of the pink.. where the sweet breeze yield romance, lightness, airy texture and right atmosphere.

Beautiful colors that fill our hearts with chara..opos befits this day! Happy Birthday Valentino and Valentino whole world!

Do not forget the meaning of this day there are gifts and excesses, but a small piece, a phrase that you say and everything to change!


Photo Credits:

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Drinks: http://blog.holamama.es

Color palette #112

palette no109 copy

Autumn and winter palette with shades of raspberry!


Our current palette is one of our very favorite! Tons of bright colors in dark or light shades. The then say lately, and encourage you…. Dare and put color on the most beautiful day of your life. See how special combination is dark burgundy, purple, pink and dark, very red… beautiful result! Add touches or larger pieces of your shoes to ribbons, fabrics or your wedding flowers. Stand out with beautiful flowers in living tons, like peonies, Tulips, david austin, celosia, bouvardia and amarantus. Wonderful decorations for couples who want to diversify.


Photo Credits:

Bridal Bouquet: http://ruffledblog.com /

Wedding Wreath: http://www.weddingomania.com

Menu Card: http://burnettsboards.com

Boutonniere: http://burnettsboards.com

Chair Decor: http://www.whowhatwear.com

Color palette #108

palette no114 copy

Bohemian wedding in shades of berry!

Autumnal palette in Bohemian style. What two words mean it ..? Is the style of independence, Romanticism and free spirit. Either tell boho-chic, hippie-chic or just Boho style is derived from artifacts, personal touches, mix color prints and patterns in bold colors, textiles and general freedom of thought. Missing rules and restrictions. This style has many areas expressed as, fashion clothes, Makeup, the ornamental, jewelery, but also has a very great impact on weddings lately. The boho style is a trend that helps couples to create a wedding perfectly with the measures that they like! Can be refined, chic but will never be “rigged”. Select different places to place your marriage, select vibrant colors, select lighthearted wedding and plan a wedding with your own personal touch! Even the selection of flowers to a wedding Bohemian is separate. Forget the classic and put your imagination to work! Ask, informed and create a wedding to your out of the ordinary!


Photo Credits:

Table set up – http://rusticweddingchic.com

Vase – http://www.stylemepretty.com

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Bridal Bouquet – http://ruffledblog.com

Color palette #89

palette no89Shabby Chic Wedding style! Unique aesthetics! Excellent style!





Shabby Chic Wedding! Style, finesse, elegance! Τι είναι το shabby chic style? Something old, something that is gaining ground appearance and duration of time. Many times new wooden objects, the transform and change to fit the shabby chic style. Lately gaining more and more ground this trend in many areas. In interior design, in the furniture industry and clearly not because the decor and style of weddings!

The colors are usually not clean and not uniformly. What we mean? Remind all, an old unchanged object. It has the characteristic lines or cracks that make an old object, some “pretty” wear and more often has many hands from paint, when it appears in the object, the pitting of color at different levels. Colours pink, peach, mint, brown-beige open, gold obsolete even used white to show off this beautiful and unique style.

If you want to create your wedding this beautiful and unique style, you have to look good on old items you have and how you will configure. Choosing a single, feature object you can build an entire wedding theme around it. Prefer wooden objects that exude the old style. Because this decoration, is very special, is one of the few times I'll point out that it would be good to consult a decorator / organizer or florists to assist you in proper selection and in the right setting! Live just like you dreamed of your wedding, through impeccable décor and the perfect backdrop!


Photo Credits:
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