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Color palette #88

palette no88Tasty wedding… with chocolate flavor!






Good morning and good week!

Most marriages are contrasting colors like black and green complementary color or as a third color white. But we want to showcase something different.. wedding brown, chocolate tones! In combination with the pink and as third color beige, mocha. Tint winter with an emphasis on color of love and sweet! The pink you can make darker or intense as you want, because anyway all fit. The café not darken much because in the end it will look like black…Keep a massive brown shade.

The flowers you choose a beautiful pink flowers that kind you want and match them with dark dahlias, lilies or just choose a dark background (runner or tablecloth). You can even opt for a pot or tray item is iron so it brings out the brown shade that want even more. For invitations, little gifts, your accessories, decorative details and the food stuff is much more easily. You can easily find where shades suit all applications that may have decorative pieces of a wedding. If you are thinking of getting married in the winter months…consider the current palette for the different result for the sweetness of!


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Color palette #86

palette no86Blush colors for a wedding in winter…!






Kalispera your! For today we prepared a color palette starring Blush. Par'oti we talk about the tone of this color in the palette #58, Today we present that would be this palette combined for a winter wedding with relaxation given by the gray. Soft and natural pink with gray and very natural beige, pale yellow. The combination of these colors gives a beautiful, elegant image of a romantic wedding. Attaches little sense of the cold, the winter breeze, with gray. And over time, gives warm feeling with pink. Balance with appropriate amounts and proportions will see different aesthetic results.

Keep the pink shade for your flowers and add gray to implement similar, suits him.. as invitational, the favors, the cake, the numbering of tables and even a beautiful detail to your gown or in your shoes or in your makeup, of course, if you fit the corresponding colors. If you choose to add pink roses, put 2-3 different shades and you will have created a sweeter palette. Again if you like how the colors in our palette, select a single pink and combine it with iperiko and two other kinds of white flowers – yellowish, beige. In these shades are great ribbons in various textures. Velvet gray or blush pink satin and close. Also you can find a great variety of fabrics. Create a refined taste the right atmosphere you desire.


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Color palette #84

palette no84Marriage in shades of raspberry!






Good morning!
Blackberries .. tiny little small and so sweet! Dark fruit with sweet scent and sweet taste.
Purple, aubergine, peach and pale pink. Colors sweets, bright with multiple combinations for wedding color palettes. Because the color is dark blueberry and has 2-3 shades, you can select the tone you want to assign to remove and a similar effect. Do not exaggerate much by the use of color, because the colors are characterized heavy. See how is the wedding cake or centerpiece .. have enough white and less purple-aubergine-burgundy. Select a pure white wedding dress and add to your hair or purple flowers, or an official ribbon loose on your waist (velvet for this period!), or even a corsage for your hand with ribbons and flowers in your colors and you will instantly steal the show!

For flowers, will find enough flowers in these shades to choose whichever you prefer (eg. buttercup, hydrangeas, roses, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, peonies, etc). For decorative tables, Use white or silver vases candlesticks / discs. Would fit very nicely and wooden objects, such as a crate or a wooden oval tray. Brighten up with pale pink, white and peach as you need to create your ideal palette!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #74

no74 pallet

Wedding Color Palette with “pale” pink & linen!


Good morning!!! For today wedding color palette “pale” pink and linen. The characterization was pale pink in our inability to find a word to replace the word pale. It is not entirely clear in relation to the color effect, but we believe that we all perceive through the photos exactly what we mean.

A combination for all seasons, except winter. There will decorate the winter with these colors because it can look very dull. Unlike summer, autumn or spring which bring balance with the external environment and fit the landscape exteriors. It's soft color tones, but not pure white. Elegant colors that can properly support a wedding with style and personality. The possibilities of decoration and adornment infinite. Fabrics, ribbons, decorative elements, Jars, platters and flowers in all shades of the same or nearby. Ideally you linen and pale pink to combine with either bright green flowers, either with the shade of eucalyptus Netherlands, i.e., the color of mint. Choose what you like best.


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Color palette #68

NO68 pallet

Colourful Wedding in strongly, summer colors!




Good morning! Today we continue our week dedicated to summer vacation, with an extended color palette and more positive energy! Bright turquoise and fuchsia! Two colors that one thing that definitely describes the joyous mood, the summer breeze and the sea inspiration. Choose these colors if you are getting married next to or above, sea, or if you get married in a picturesque island, during the summer months. Can only difficulty you are the colors of the flowers, but again we give you solutions such as gerberas, roses and blue hydrangeas. Put color in decorative, on your accessories, ribbons, runners, invitations and whatever else you want to illuminate. Bring your palette to your desires and create what you wish for one of the most beautiful days that will live with your family and friends!


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Color palette #67

palette no67

Marriage to a summer mood, dessert, pastel purple!




Good morning! Thinking that probably most of you, if and when you enter the facebook, probably some lounger or a beautiful beach… said this week to show you beautiful summer palettes with color combinations exude coolness and can take you!

For now the purple to open, pastel shade, all positive energy! Ideally combine with green (light or dark, depending on the effect you want to assign) and with very pale pink, almost white. Choose purple flowers, hydrangea, roses, Dahlias, Tulips, orchids or Alstroemeria and decorate your bouquet and your tables. Combine the grass and decorate your candles or the surrounding area for sophisticated effect! Prototypiste with delicious Smoothies in the shade of your wedding or accessories for you and your girlfriends purple. Select souvenirs, favors in a shade of purple for your guests and decorate your tables. The white you can add the amount you want depending on how you want to highlight or incur your palette. Build your palette to your.

To have a contiguous week!


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