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Color palette #66

palette no66

Wedding in pink.. dusty shade. Μουντό ροζ σε Vintage Style!




Many times we use English words we have adopted but not always match exactly what you want to say… So our current palette, “Dusty”. What exactly means? Dusty?? Maybe some would say ... The meaning is that the pure shade of pink has been in darker tones. And because of his involvement with the black is almost imperceptible, call in Greek… soiled or dirty pink.

The hue is most severe, heavier than the classic sugared almond pink or bright pink and does not have too many fans. Brides who prefer already know what is the dusty pink and looking outset, usually. This is a shade that matched perfectly with the white, with green and sometimes with light peach, beige-peach. To embed your wedding we suggest you choose accessories and decoration dusty, combined with the white and the sweetest hot pink. If you love him a lot and you already know the color effect after, then try it with courage and your Wedding Dress! Guaranteed provides a color palette with a different style that exudes Vintage style and romance!

Have a nice weekend!


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Color palette #62

palette no61

Marriage in soft shades of pink – Misty Rose & Rosybrown!




Good week to all of us!

After several days…several issues and several marriages…! We return to our palette no.62 – Mistyrose και Rosybrown. A combination of pastel pink, with darker and lighter shade. The possibilities are endless. The wedding cake, the invitational, in accessories of the bride and groom, in favors, in decoration, flowers and flower decoration. A color that many brides opt kath'oti is very soft and easily workable in many categories of a marriage. This pink (almost sugarplum) exudes romance, youthfulness and sweetness. Especially next to pure white and pastel green, the color of mint or green grass, sent a very beautiful picture, a romantic and sweet image. You can give dew and create a unique wedding putting more color in more details. Because these colors are very pastel, Make a magnificent picture with more color, with most applications. Emphasize!

As already mentioned,, in older palette, pastel pink, generally, considered publicly acceptable by a large portion of the world. For many years it was the King or Queen.. marriages. The last few years have started and dare brides to add bold colors and more particularly, in marriage. But if you've dreamed of little girls in your princely wedding…I think those colors will represent extensively! Choose what suits you, insensitive that you hear around you and make the day of your wedding to your own tastes and only!


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Color palette #59

palette no59

Sweet like candy, the current palette for the wedding!




Palette…”sweet as candy” for today, Friday!!! The expression says it all. Two bright colors, net, sweet and very beautiful. Stylistically impeccable combination of pale yellow and pink! A romantic palette for brides who love the pastel colors, the soft tones. If you replace the pink with fuchsia will again have a beautiful palette, with pure colors but more brightly colored, more dynamic. We chose to show you the most pale hue palette.


Combine the beautiful decor of your flowers, the cloth ribbons, Your invitations, decorating tables and favors you. Create beautiful compositions with individual flowers, select dahlias, delfinioum white, freesias, The peonies or hydrangeas glaviola has a very easy color to our palette of pink, and would fit nicely and Alstroemeria. Choose flowers that love the shades that suit and decorate your wedding. Think smart and put color on the most beautiful day of your life! Good morning to all!



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Color palette #58

palette no58

Wedding in Blush shades!






Blush shades. What does precisely know??? The blush shade is a ton of pure pigment in earth, bright shades, in “bare” colors. The call “bare” why does not contain color. It tonality of natural, earthy colors, and beige. Many times the blush gives pearly or satin effect, depending on the combination of. Use too much shade and tone of, in fashion and particularly of makeup. Too many products are called, or contain the word blush. Simply because, is color that closely matches the natural beauty and gentle effect.


At weddings the blush palette, considered a soft shade of pink – nude color. It may be lighter or darker depending desires of everyone but is generally light shade with pastel effect. There are many kinds of flowers that can be used with the first and best rose. You can combine the blush roses with other white flowers , and get a beautiful composition! In other areas of a marriage can apply to makeup, Accessories Bride and Groom, decoration, ribbons, υφάσματα ή runners, lanterns, the candles, tint to your wreaths and many other. Also, if you want to combine this palette with decorative gold or silver colors, are both very fittingly! The blush is a “easy” color, kath'oti has many applications. Decorate the most beautiful day of your wedding, solely driven your personal taste!!


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Color palette #55

palette no55

Beautiful bright colors for summer wedding!




Good morning! and good week!!!! After a very successful wedding Friday one of our most favorite couples in SenSyle, we are full of Super energy and positive attitude to new things beautiful! So we thought, start today with our Monday a pallet full of bright, vibrant summer colors. Happy mood and youthful mood! Bright fuchsia, sweet and pink in combination with the bright green. A combination that conveys at first glance positive energy. Something out of the ordinary, kath'oti previous years we used all marriages have quietly, serene colors with pastel shades. Now the new trend, brings very vivid colors and combinations out of the ordinary, beautify and decorate weddings.

Patterns, patterns and vibrant colors, have become the new fashion…! But even so, not to do something because we, but only if you represent. The marriage of each pair, is a very special time for themselves, which should not be suppressed but by your own desires and only. Make the difference by putting your own touches! Decorate beautiful the most special moment of your life! Create yourself what suits you!



Photo Credits:

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Photography: Lauren Jackson Photography,Event Planning: Ooh! Events,Floral Design: Out Of Hand
Shoes – http://www.weddingchicks.com

Color palette #53

palette no53

Marriage in bright pink and purple! Make the difference with balance and elegance!



Pinks meet purple! In katagramma translation… pink purple encounter, in proper sense but… we show that they know and combine pink and purple! Nicely, keenly, vivid colors based on the girlish love the pink, but style and style, extreme! Colours pooping intensity, giving capacity, who steal the show, winning the impressions of your guests. Decorate with beautiful flowers, select bold accessories for you and your good! Combine bright pink with dark purple, violet or fuchsia. Do not be afraid of colors, the writing frequently to our Blog. We dare to be selected and adds color to the most beautiful day of your life, just the way you like. Not applicable, as previously, fashion that the wedding colors are white and ecru only, or very pale pink. It is these beautiful colors, elegant combination but now you can add bold color combination to anyone you like! Create your own palette of color terms and! Many times our parents influence us carry their own opinion from another era, with a different style. But just think how much has changed fashion, how affected the manners and customs since? How many things do as they did our parents the day of their marriage? Rightly or wrongly, times have changed and you now with absolute freedom, with elegance, without exaggeration clearly and elegantly to add vibrant colors to your wedding. You see something ugly in today's palette? Or watching an elegant, beautiful and vivid results? Choose what you prefer, with your own taste! Have a nice day!!!


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