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Bridal makeup


The bridal makeup together with the bridal hairstyle, constitute the final stage of your wedding preparation, without the means,they have and the less weight or need less attention. Especially when you consider that the right choice of a proper makeup will bring out the star of the substantial evening you say you. How to choose a makeup; How many times do I have to book an appointment and how far in advance before the date of your wedding;

Choosing bridal makeup

The simplest and most honest advice I could ever give you for bridal makeup expressed in 6 simple words, and including: is not the time to experiment! All of us know at any time what suits us in our face, surely even if you do professional makeup, know what colors we go, what keeps make up on our face, even more that we like our eyes. We will tell you in brief, points to watch:

  • Wear waterproof mascara, you need.
  • "The less the better ' This sentence says it all. Do excesses, is unnecessary. Do not want you to be another day of your wedding.
  • Do tentatively (about time 1 Time) to see what make-up suits you best.
  • You try not to 'polish' very. Some sparkle to eyes or just for apples, is enough to.
  • Take pictures from pilot to have a yardstick.
  • If you wish, one teeth whitening earlier than the date of your wedding.
  • Choose a healthy tone tan, if married summer for your skin. Again, do not overdo it.
  • Do not go to the wedding without the emergency kit. That is without a bag with everything you might need it again (powder, lipstick, χαρτομάντηλα,etc.).
  • The lipstick that will put the professional makeup artist, you can go and buy it earlier, for you to refresh the color on your lips whenever desired.

Relaxation Tips

When you choose the bridal makeup, you must trust the hands of experts. With the people you have worked up to that time, should trust them and listen to their advice to achieve ideal results for you. The options are many, like doing 1-2 days, before the date of your wedding in order to drive out stress, To obtain the positive psychology that you must have that day and rest the body, skin but also your mind, everything you have "bombed" in recent months. By doing this you are guaranteed to shine, wellbeing and a better mood to come to your wedding day, to live to the maximum and to stand out in a unique way. So you will see your face radiate happiness you feel that day, without exaggeration, without're another!

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Estates Wedding

Selection for wedding venues is one of the first things you should do, Just decide which church and date you would like for the ceremony of the Mystery of Your Wedding. You should consider what options you have for reception halls near or away from the Church. What criteria should you choose an estate wedding; Since you must start;

Why choose estates for weddings..

From the first things to decide is decisive for the order of things, is your wedding date. If you are going to get married in the summer months, favors wedding venues the honorary. The reason is that both summer, and autumn, we all have a sweet disposition to be outdoors, can we enjoy the beautiful weather but also so blessed corners of Greece. The desire of couples to make their wedding reception at a farm wedding, comes in tons of gorgeous estates have now created and have nothing to envy of those abroad. Design unrivaled, either by lush gardens, or exotic landscapes with pool, Fountains, sea, or view the entire Attica. Another advantage for the area estates like weddings, is that many of them have both a likeable little chapel, where the reception area divides few meters. So your guests are not inconvenienced at all with the process, of recurring movement away from the Church in the reception area. And your guests, enjoy your wedding from the church to the party without having ailed.

The opportunities in the estates marriage..

It is worth quoting the following simple elements, to evaluate the potential for a reception in wedding venues relative but others Venues;

  • The capacity. The estates arriving to accommodate up 1500 or 2000 people.
  • Timeout. There is almost no restriction on marriage property at the time of retirement or termination of marriage.
  • Το Catering. The properties tend to cooperate with 3 or 4, perhaps 5 differently catering γάμου. When you have many choices on price and quality but it's up to your final decision.
  • Music. Nobody will ask you to turn down or turn off the wedding music specific time.
  • Τα happenings. The possibilities to make different kinds of happenings, is great, from wedding fireworks, aerial lanterns, balloons, confetti and put your mind.
  • Decorating. Even the decoration possibilities are numerous and usually (not always) most impressive. The main reason is that you can take advantage of the room and hang decorative, to place lanterns ... to make your fairytale landscape as you want.
  • The weather. The truth must always be told… Weather is an imponderable factor, especially in recent years that can make it rain (or even throw some spray) even in July, and spoil the wedding reception. The solution of rain awnings ..... Surely this increases costs but anyway in several estates An indoor hall for coverage of this case.
  • Cost. The cost is variable. There is something stable. Most wedding venues, compared to a hall or a multiplex is expensive, this is not always absolute truth but several times..

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Wedding Decor

When you search for who will be the Wedding Decorations, you must be careful and decide well before you start your search for Wedding Favors and wedding invitations. By doing this you will be ready to give to your big night, a uniform atmosphere and a uniform picture will be structured correctly. Started but need to get some decisions, as if there will be a central theme which will govern all night the church and reception. If you create some contrast to emphasize a single item or would prefer to use just flowers, without much emphasis on decorative elements.

How you choose to decorate your wedding..

The Wedding Decorations influenced by 3 parameters:

  • In your budget.
  • The season and the month of the celebration of your wedding. You can use your favor all the different characteristics of each season, as example in summer ideal for receptions and atmosphere with candles and lanterns, by the sea.
  • The decorative elements. Decorative seafood, such as the starfish, the boats, shells and sand let your imagination as you create playful concept. All these are reflected in the combinations of colors and designs which blend in with the theme of your wedding. But there are differences in color choice when getting married in a different era;

The colors in the decoration of the wedding..

The different mood that characterizes every season is reflected in the choice of colors for wedding decorations, as switching to a different era because adornment can be initiated by colorful and striped fabrics and end up in mats and cloths. Details, we create color palettes for many color combinations to see different ideas: https://sensyle.com/category/%CF%80%CE%B1%CE%BB%CE%AD%CF%84%CE%B1-%CF%87%CF%81%CF%89%CE%BC%CE%AC%CF%84%CF%89%CE%BD/


  • Autumn has the grandeur of the land, as fruit, nuts and course materials can be an integral part of your decorating. Brown, beige and olive green are the sweetest colors for this season.
  • Winter with Christmas decorations on the tables, not only, wins imaginative decorations. Warm colors and heavy fabrics can easily be used. Ruling the glitter but as glitter you want. Gold and red mansion fire.
  • Spring because all nature is at its zenith with fragrant flowers blooming everywhere. The full range of pastel colors in full extension. Green, lilac and pale pink.
  • Summer. Play with color and light elements. Dominating the sea breeze at weddings this season. Blue, navy blue, white and fuchsia. Romantic candles and cool atmosphere.

The most important thing in the wedding decoration is that you can create, even with the help of special, organizers or anthodeton, a concept impressive and original.

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Wedding music

Your first dance as the wedding music certainly play a key role on your wedding day and are one of the highlights of the evening must consider, he will roll the evening and what music will accompany, whether this is the time of attendance of your guests, either during the food, or the order of the songs as soon as I start the dances. But what are the choices you have regarding your wedding dj and wedding music; What should I look for to have a successful feast, and whether you can be original;

Choosing the wedding dj

The first and most important thing to know is if and when the dj wedding is exclusive partner of the reception area, or you can move freely and to book whoever you want. It would not be a book “known” that you simply have heard to say to his knowledge, but to go to a wedding or other event where he will be in charge of music and see for yourself if you like the style of. Do not forget to book the dj even 6 months earlier if known and much renowned of its kind. A very important factor is what you want to give style to your wedding reception. That is a style with formal and posh reception, with a traditional feast or a lively party; All setup and style of reception is something that you need to decide and define. Should you do a good research on what kind wedding music you wanted the 2 families to hear the night of your wedding, and with your own preferences to judge. Look pretty for the first song of your dance, and ask for ideas and dj wedding will certainly have many suggestions. If you want to dance a particular dance earlier may need to do a few lessons along with your good, so as to create a choreography which will wow your guests.

Choosing the wedding music

About 3 months earlier start to gather songs for wedding music and create lists, you would like to listen to the evening of your wedding. You can make a beautiful series of songs where the first 4-5 songs will relate dances, first your own, after a waltz parents, then a slow the best man and then the opening of dances with some more old song from the 80s where everyone young and old know definitely, the rest of the series of wedding music is purely up to you. If you like traditional songs or if you just love modern music it's time to make lists to the Build all this. Do not forget to include songs that will dance either older your guests, either much younger. Good is to create lists that the time lapse of the time everyone will be happy to participate and have fun with you. Do not be ashamed to go dj wedding and request the songs you want to hear as well trust him and give him the freedom to follow a rhythm to the songs you like in the world.

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Wedding Cake


SenSyle Wedding Cake may be the surprise of the evening, can be traditional and elegant or original and eccentric. You must deal with it just like with the menu for your guests. The wedding cake is governed by the same style and tone your entire wedding, so when the time comes the choice to keep in mind the colors and the overall concept of your wedding. Wedding cakes are the grand closing the menu for your wedding.

Choosing a Wedding Cake

The correct time frame to select the Wedding Cake and to order, especially if you do not provide the catering γάμου your, is approximately 3 with 4 months earlier. Do not leave it for last time, especially if you want to book a particular confectioner. Your selections are not limited to designs and colors of the cake but now have outgrown even its classical value. In other words, now not only need to see magazines to find beautiful and elegant designs, you can just let your imagination and create wedding cakes that are governed only by your own originality. Latest Fashion in weddings is to replace the classical Wedding Cakes with cupcakes, Disc 3 and 4 floors to resemble the classic Wedding Cake but not. Another solution is biscuits or cakes in the cake design wedding where they share the tables of the guests before their arrival or given in buffet with sweets after eating. If you want to save money you can choose a smaller simple wedding cake to cut, and take different kinds sweets trays or buffet to offer your guests and choose what you prefer. Plus has advanced both the complexity of the wedding cake pastry shops where there where only specialize in wedding cakes. In them you can find numerous solutions and ideas for your cake.

Tips for wedding cake

Even the presentation of the wedding cake has changed, as previously had for coating whipped cream and fresh fruit, and now you can choose between the Ganache, του Marzipan, του Royal-Icing or Sugarpaste. These are all options that make more complex and the beautiful Wedding Cake while you may be made of flowers, leaves, starfish, hearts and decorations generally any plan you choose. Do not forget that one little secret that many people do not know is that the cake display, ie one that is cut in the presence of guests, is only the upstairs true, while creating less of Styrofoam, form a foam that is made in the plan of your cake and covered with icing.

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