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Color palette #121

palette no118 6

Strikingly Navy with silver and gray tonous..gia one winter and festive wedding!

Winter weddings can be ligoteroi..alla can be both too impressive! If you choose to get married near the festive days of Christmas and Protochronias..epilexte the specific palette and will definitely leave your guests the best memories. Bright royal blue, navy combined with silver and gray details tonnes. Decorate your tables and give color and shine to you and your wedding! The silver “decorates” always our celebrations and is a component that you can use in any degree you want, as excessive or lean you imagine. Give color to your wedding and definitely you will be very happy with the final apotemesma!


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Color palette #116

palette no117 copy

Classy wedding with dark blue and shiny gold!


If you are from couples who are getting married in the winter…a different palette…glowing ideas! Classy blue…navy dark shade in combination with gold. Choose white flowers and lush foliage and add color to the rest of decoration. Select a dark blue tablecloth for your table base and top garnish golden candlesticks or wooden bases for flowers and candles. If again you “classical” Nyfoula and prefer the white tablecloth, then pick wildflowers, and beautiful “spiny”…wildest dried flowers to find the dark blue shades and decorate your tables. If you have the option of choosing from catering, put gold cutlery for your guests or dinnerware with gold detail. Create a prestigious atmosphere with lots of style and taste!


Photo Credits:

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Color palette #103

palette no103

Motivo wedding black and peach with hints of Mint and white!




Impressive wedding using black, rare at weddings, yet sophisticated combination of peach, mint and white clearly. A very elegant wedding, with stylistic aspect and particular about colors. Leave only your attire classical… and in all other areas prototypiste with a pallet full of life! Put color on invitations, the favors, the flowers and create a romantic atmosphere for your decoration!! Forget the mainstream and start your life together with beautiful splashes of color!



Photo Credits:

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Color palette #102

palette no102

Elegant wedding color scheme, Navy and Gold!




From the early days in 2014 and because we know very well, what tension and feverish preparations are already the brides of '14, wanted for a while to keep the influence of the glow of the holidays and create a palette of distinctive colors. The navy is a very specific shade of blue which primarily seeing decorating summer weddings, near the sea. But this is not necessary! We wanted to emphasize the specificity of the true nature of colors, where when you combine elegant colors and in the right quantities the result will justify whatever the season, combined absolute gold, the weight ratio of, image and feel of the summery navy. Use the palette or spring, summer or even-even in winter. Giving shape to the items you use and the materials will understand how flexible are the color navy. A different proposal for Brides to view and strong personality! Happy Friday to you!


Photo Credits:
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Color palette #101

palette no101

Bright and shining wedding combined white and silver!





MANY YEARS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS! The first few days in 2014 and what else could you introduce a marriage full of sparkle, glamor and elegance! A pallet in a festive atmosphere, for a wedding in glam shades! Flashes festive and sophisticated objects gleaming. Silver details as will fit in these beautiful days. Add fabrics, crystals and glitter to your decorating. Choose silver lettering printed on your wedding invitation, silver accessories for the Bride and Groom, beautiful pot in inox shades and silver embroidery on fabrics or even details in your dress. The flowers do not add anything other than pure and absolute white! You will see that the combination is so romantic, both atmospheric and definitely sophisticated. Even the flowers are required to follow the same line, the same style. Orchids, white roses, hydrangeas and peonies have a field day. Try not to look even strains of flowers not to steal from the glamor and show the white-silver. Be firm and strict with yourself and your colleagues. No color, only white and silver! Decorate with light balance and elegance!



Photo Credits:

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Color palette #100

no100 palletThe wonderful contrast of white and black! Apolyti elegance to a wedding!





Morning to All!! and Good Friday!

Today we are very happy kath'oti 100th arrived in our palette!!! And since we are just a breath away from the Christmas celebrations we wanted to introduce you to one of the most beautiful (in our opinion always!), and most elegant pallets could choose a couple to create the wedding of! A pallet will “was standing” equally well in a marriage that will be either the summer or winter.

Par'oti believe that the pictures speak for themselves and say whatever it is unnecessary, Your note will only 2 important points. The first: The contrast of pure white with black is a strong, combination with intense applications you can find in too many areas. Fabric, projects, σε pattern, in flowers, decoration and clearly choices of attire and accessories of both! The second point: Each pallet has something special and distinctive. The beauty, however, coming from two opposite colors contrast is even more striking. Can these two colors to create endless styling combinations that will never betray you!

Stylistically impeccable palette! For a fairytale wedding with perfect balance! A striking combination for even the most skeptical…!

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