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It is often the,what catering γάμου is what makes a wedding memorable and benchmark, as this is one of the issues that will comment on all your guests and this is what will satisfy them. So Found, suitable venue for your wedding reception, but you must choose what will be the catering Your Wedding; How to choose catering γάμου to make a reception in your home garden or a mini party before marriage or the traditional "bed";

Choosing catering for your wedding

The choices catering γάμου are too many, so we need to know specifically what you are looking, to select the right menu of your guests. To select the catering wedding follow these steps:

  • Outline the amount you want to spend per person .. Be very specific about the budget catering γάμου, because it is one of the major costs of the wedding that will make.

  • Try his food catering γάμου and visit a wedding reception organized by the particular company catering.
  • To find out what services they offer, how staff available in your marriage and what competencies are.
  • Choose between the served menu or buffet.
  • If you wish to have a traditional food, origin or reason why simply impossible, ask the outset.
  • Do not be embarrassed to discuss and claim that thanks you for your reception.

Wedding Date and catering

Do not forget to consider the time that will be your wedding and the time. If your wedding is in mid-summer, should ask the catering γάμου to use in your menu, enough fruit, fresh vegetables and a season offered but not put hot dishes hot sauces. Conversely if your marriage is in winter, you can include more hot flavors, heavier foods. The time of mystery, is something that also plays an important role. Failing to cite dinner dinner and otherwise if your marriage took place in the morning and the reception is noon. The evening eg. The menu should include some hard liquor or cocktail, even in small quantity, noon while the world is limited to krasaki and beer.

The organizing wedding suggests

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