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sumatraNewA christening usually ensues a wedding, and already spent enough money on the reception of this. Or possibly is the second or third one baptism family has other children and. Many times we receive calls with more questions, on the hospitality catering outside the Church to the organization and to all of you, our response…

The first we need to know is that churches which accept to accommodate food in the forecourt are very few. Unfortunately most churches are negative in such proposals. So you should look for Churches and chapels where you allow the relevant catering in the courtyard.

The second and important aspect is to have made up its mind whether you want your guests to have somewhere to sit or if you want to be purely a kind of party or gathering outside the Church. Many times because there are in all families and the elderly should be possible to you to serve the wider without the hassle, especially if you are planning a baptism during the summer months.

Thirdly and base, is what you have in mind for your food. A buffet can have very sophisticated finger food or offer small snacks. It may still be a thematic proposal International food, like. Chinese or Mexican. Can offer indispensable or be as rich as you want. So first you should have thought about the type of breakfast you want, always appropriate and in accordance, what you are willing to spend. Target always, is to find a more economic solution than to organize a reception and not to spoil a bunch of money!

Fourth, Do not forget the refreshments!!! There are few times where couples focus all their interest in foods and have forgotten to calculate the necessary water, soft drinks or juices for their guests. We have separate proposals even just Lemonade Stand or Refreshments Stands the Church with lovely decorative solutions that will surely delight your guests!

The SenSyle through exclusive partnerships with remarkable, Certified Catering can suggest solutions and suggestions for buffet Christening. The menu that we are only indicative and changes or modifications are clearly feasible and appropriate depending on your preferences. Wanting to be flexible and give quick but secure and reliable solutions to meet your needs, we can offer you complete solutions with full buffet menu 15 euros per person. We organize, the decoration, decoration and diligence that day so we can deliver a perfect result, however large or small it is baptism that you are planning for your baby!



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