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Church & Reception Halls

“…Choosing A Venue Is About Proper Time Management”
Among the first steps for the preparation of your wedding is the selection of the church and the place which will host your wedding reception. The choices you have got are numerous… One would say so many that you will not know which is the most appropriate. SenSyle guarantees to “guide” you, direct you and finally advice you through its experience on the ideal place of your choice, where you will host the first party of your life!

The philosophy behind Reception Halls & Church

  • Venue on the mountain or at the sea
  • Indoor venue in a hotel
  • Roof Garden at hotel
  • Multi-venue in any location
  • Near the Sea, Beach Reception
  • Museum
  • Thematic venue or room, Lake, Horse Riding Cloub, etc.
  • Yacht Club
  • Industrial building

The first thing you should have already done is to set the date of your wedding. Even if you do not have the exact date, you need to make up your mind beforehand on the season in which you would like to get married. This will at least help you find the type of reception venue you will choose, which depends on:

1.The number of your guests
2.The distance from the church
3.Your budget
4.The location you prefer
5.Wedding Theme
6.Type of the reception and other important details.

The value of the wedding planner

To make things easier for you, SenSyle happily cooperates with a very large number of venues, which can host your wedding reception or party in the style you prefer! From a very formal reception to a Cocktail Party, for a small number of guests or even a simple Beach Party, we are able to suggest venues specialized in the purpose of your event. We are in constant contact in order to get informed on any new development or alteration of the venues, while every year we have the updated menus of all venues, the fees of their collaborators (DJ, music, parking, etc.), and we are informed on any change that might have occurred. We can make a detailed presentation to you for any venue you wish, with photographic material, details, topographic characteristics and menus, in our office or at your place or if you so prefer, we can take you to see the venues in person.

Why I choose estates for weddings

The date of your wedding is among the first things that you need to make up your mind about, and it is determinative for the order of things. If you intend to get married during the summer months, wedding estates are very popular. The reason is that in the summer and autumn we are all in a sweet mood to be outdoors, to enjoy the good weather and the so many blessed corners of Greece. The couples’ wish to make their wedding reception in a wedding estate mainly stems from the beautiful estates that have been created and have nothing to be jealous of the ones abroad. Unrivalled design, with green gardens, or with exotic landscapes, with swimming pools, fountains, sea view, or view to the whole of Attica. Another advantage of estates as wedding reception venues is that usually many of them have a small, lovely church and reception halls within a few meters distance. So, your guests do not need to undergo the process of repeated transport by car from the church to the reception venue. So, your guests enjoy your wedding from the church to the party, without getting tired.

Choosing Church & Venue in 3 steps

What you should know in advance

  • The date of of your wedding
  • The number of your guests
  • The style and the theme of your wedding
  • Your Budget(min. & max.)

At our meeting:

  • We will present the venues
  • We set the budget
  • We choose the catering the theme of the cuisine
  • We set the distances between the church, the venues, and the accomodatons of the groom and the pride

The planner will help you with:

  • The visits at the places of your interest (venues, churches)
  • The flower decoration of the Church
  • The catering menu
  • all the subjects related to venues, accomodations and transortations in between
  • a full list with advantages & disadvantages of the different proposals to compare
  • the tasting of the catering menu and the wedding cake


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