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Since 2000 The famous giant company and the type of the PANTONE, created a new idea that turned into passion and became a fashion, view, style, style and expression! What is? At the end of each year announces color governing the time starts. He gives specific name, and feature a 6-digit number. The color expresses the coming year, par'oti and can not be selected from the fashion industry to dominate the catwalks in many other areas we find to dominate. As in architecture, το design, graphic design, cinema, technology and in many simple things around us several times not notice them, from starting or what meaning may be (eg. makeup products, trends in decoration and flower arrangement, accessories with vivid colors)


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Twice a year the PANTONE organizing to host a European capital in a secret meeting with representatives of all the nations associated with the theory of colors and is one of several key disciplines of design. After two days of discussions and analyzes decide what will be the color of the year coming. This is about average in one year, eg. spring to decide the color that will dominate next year with the new year. Usually in line with the offerings of each season and trying to be in a general direction to the generalized problems and trends around the world. Eg. when the color of the published 2011, said that the Honeysuckle was chosen as, “In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits.”

The colors of each year with the following series was:
2000 – Cerulean Blue
2001 – Fuchsia Rose
2002 – True Red
2003 – Aqua Sky
2004 – Tiger Lily
2005 – Blue Turquoise
2006 – Sand Dollar
2007 – Chili Pepper
2008 – Blue Iris
2009 – Mimosa
2010 – Turquoise
2011 – Honeysuckle
2012 – Remove Τangerine
2013 – Emerald
2014 – Radiant Orchid

For the coming year, it 2014 announced as color of the year charming Radiant Orchid. A beautiful purple color, symbolizing growth, renewal, prosperity and expressed on the shade of orchid. Harmonious colors consisting of pink, pink, and purple shades. “To seductive, magical and charming Radiant Orchid. An invitation to innovation, in modern and versatile. It encourages creativity and originality this year our color.” as declared by Leatrice Eiseman, (Pantone Color Institute Executive Director, ICC της) Exuding confidence, originality, creativity and gives feelings of joy, Love and Health. Considered “eye-catching color”, ie a color that you at first glance, “excites the imagination”! The Radiant Orchid match the green, olive green and the deeper, while appropriate for combinations with turquoise, the teal and pale yellow.

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